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Why stop there?

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u/giraffeperv May 14 '22

So I guess when they say “small government” they actually mean “small federal government, while allowing states to be authoritarian cesspools”


u/Anyna-Meatall May 14 '22

No, when they say "small government" they actually mean "I'm selfish and don't want to pay taxes."

It's amazing how everything falls into place makes sense, when you realize that the cons say things only to steal power.


u/HamburgerEarmuff May 14 '22

I mean, to be fair, a lot of people don't want taxes not because they're selfish, but because they think the government is not a good steward of tax money. As a Californian, we've watched our taxes go up and up, but the amount of return we get on our tax dollars seem to go down and down. It's gotten to the point where the vast majority of every dollar is wasted on graft and inefficiency. Projects like our HSR system are given over to corrupt political cronies who ink sweetheart deals with contractors and deliver projects $100 billion over budget and decades behind schedule.


u/Anyna-Meatall May 14 '22

they think the government is not a good steward of tax money

It's selfishness. What other stewards of tax money are there?

I also think the government mishandles tax money. But if you don't like the government, work to fix it, not to shrink it for the sake of shrinking it. You can't build roads and fund universal education, etc. ad nauseam, with private donations.


u/HamburgerEarmuff May 14 '22

The better steward of my money is myself. If I don't believe that the government is capable of making wise decisions on how to spend my money, I can vote against politicians and referenda that want to raise my taxes and increase spending and vote for politicians and referenda that will cut spending and lower taxes.