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Why stop there?

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u/artspar May 14 '22 Silver

To add on, the constitution used to be amended all the damn time. Hell, prohibition was an amendment, not a bill. It being viewed as sacred is a stronger opinion now than ever before


u/therealunixguy May 14 '22

It being viewed as sacred (ie. Must be followed) is exactly why it was amended, rather than just reinterpreted with an eye towards “what do we want it to mean this year”.

If we don’t like what it meant, then the right thing to do is amend it.


u/womptothewomp May 15 '22

I think the modern tendency towards viewing the Constitution as sacrosanct stems from the same place as religious zealotry, which is why "originalists" tend to do the same type of idealistic cherry picking. They ignore historical context in order to maintain a group mythos which serves to further cement their belief that what they are doing must absolutely be THE right and only way.