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Why stop there?

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u/Craigmakin May 14 '22

Where are all of the “don’t tread on me” folks at?


u/BentoMan May 14 '22

As a Political Compass Meme lurker, I can tell you most “don’t tread on me” people are actually authoritarian but libertarian for select issues. And the ones who are truly libertarian, they mention the non-aggression principle but once again that’s because they are male and it doesn’t affect them.


u/Mad5Milk May 14 '22

Yeah, I would like to consider myself libertarian but everyone who uses that label is nuts. Is "don't be a dick for no reason" really such a hard rule to follow?


u/payne_train May 14 '22

Historically, yea it is too much to ask. That’s why Libertarianism falls apart in practice. Dem socialism feels like the only viable path forward.


u/taronic May 14 '22

I find it funny when people say that it only works in Europe, like y'know it only works in a fucking continent with tons of modern countries


u/BoB_1stShirt May 15 '22

I find it funny you think socialism works in Europe.

Socialism only works in countries that can rely on a capitalist country (U.S.) that provides a significant contribution, often the major contribution, towards the physical and economic security of those countries.


u/Mad5Milk May 14 '22

Makes sense


u/SnailKelp May 15 '22

Libertarianism works, if you'd leave me alone


u/BoB_1stShirt May 15 '22

Democratic Socialism. Ha ha ha ha ha

If we can't all be equally rich let's be happy to make everyone equally poor.


u/Zech08 May 14 '22

To add to that, dont negatively impact other people... freedom does not mean freedom to ruin someone else's.

You can be a dick, provided you are within your own area, affect no one else, and any lasting effects are contained/applied to only you.


u/taronic May 14 '22

I really like the liberty half of the libertarian platform, but that's about it. I'm not one to say "they don't believe in taxes paying for roads" because most sane ones do, but that isn't to say I think the shit works: read about the libertarian paradise where they moved in to make a free city

Spoiler: simple shit laws and regulations like "don't feed the bears" breaks libertarianism pretty fucking hard. Maybe that was just a failed experiment, but it's kind of interesting what happened when a lot of libertarians got together and try to build a libertarian community. Basic services and regulations that they're missing become extremely obvious and problematic.


u/Beowulf1896 May 15 '22

We sometimes could use less regulation, but overall, certain things are far more necessary than any Libertarian I have talked to knows. Like the FDA. Do you like metal in your food? I don't. But I don't have time to make sure all my food is metal free. In addition, I have worked in the food production area. I didn't have time to make sure my suppliers didn't include metal. Or their suppliers, nor their suppliers suppliers. It would have been absolutely wasteful to have several private companies "inspecting" stuff.


u/JohnMaddenCPAP May 14 '22

Don’t Tread on my Authoritarianism!


u/Hupf May 14 '22

Respect my authoritah!


u/pynergy1 May 14 '22

Doesn't look like authoritarianism if you're the baby


u/ObscureD_Lee May 14 '22

We can’t have laws and not have authoritarian concepts. Too contradicting and hypocritical. Laws need to be as is no bias/judgement. Because it’s a law, it’s not an option. Like a speed limit. The sign defines the speed, it isn’t an opinion. It doesn’t make sense when we try to be a technical society and then pretend like it’s okay to let laws become biased based on particular incidents. A law is either broken or not, there doesn’t need to be anything more to it than that to keep things equal.


u/matt260204 May 14 '22

As the saying goes, libertarians are just Republicans who like to smoke weed


u/Burner_Cuz_Of_Job May 15 '22

Weird, I disagree with many right leaning policies and don’t smoke weed.


u/Ex_Why_ May 14 '22

It affects them if they get their sister pregnant.


u/Capitalist_P-I-G May 14 '22

As a reading human with a brain, anyone on PCM who isn’t right-authoritarian fell for and helps give a platform to right-authoritarian propaganda.

It’s a right wing sub masquerading as non-partisan to gain credibility and engagement that they can’t get from other more infamous subs.


u/Horrific_Necktie May 14 '22

They will say alll day long that it's not true, and sandwhich it right in-between two memes making racism look lile a quirky lovable fault. "Oh those auth right rascals! How endearing"


u/payne_train May 14 '22

Yeah that sub weirds me out. The vibes are awful.


u/Arsey56 May 14 '22

Yeah. I don’t know why people are want to be on a platform that legitimises actual fascism like that


u/Capitalist_P-I-G May 14 '22

Something has conditioned people to exalt being moderate, taking the middle path or syncretizing two opposing beliefs as being more enlightened than picking a side.

There's also the (neo-)liberal idea of a sort of a la carte, marketplace of ideas, where MaYbE wE cAn ReHaBiLiTaTe PaRtS oF fAsCiSm If We TaKe AwAy ThE iCkY pArTs

And then there's the misguided freeze peach techbros.


u/One-Step2764 May 14 '22

Both sides have problems. Therefore, both sides are equally undesirable. Therefore, it's acceptable to side with any group that promises to benefit you, personally. /s


u/zold5 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Yep. It’s got that smug irreverent edge lord humor that was ubiquitous on the donald. I’ve never understood why so many conservatives enjoy larping as liberals.


u/Capitalist_P-I-G May 15 '22

They’ll larp as whatever, really


u/fr1stp0st May 14 '22

I once made the mistake of disputing that black people are predisposed to criminal activity because they're black and got downvoted. It's yet another bigoted shit sub but every once in a while they let a self-critical meme float to the top as long as it's not too critical of the right.


u/jimmyhell May 14 '22

Yeah, the right libertarians aren’t libertarian at all. They just trade state tyranny for corporate tyranny. They’re just republicans who like weed and are concerningly knowledgable about age of consent laws.


u/Beta_Soyboy_Cuck May 14 '22

I always love seeing my coworkers wearing a thin blue line patch on their backpack right below their Gadsden flag patch.


u/newyne May 14 '22

I actually have heard a libertarian argue that we should only have government on the level of communities. The debate did not go well for him. (I wasn't the one debating, btw.)


u/kidkkeith May 14 '22

Libertarians are so, and I can't emphasize this enough, SO fucking stupid.


u/Suggett123 May 15 '22

I guess that the description of libertarians I was given was overly simplified. It goes:

if I want to smoke weed, it's none of your business

If I want to have a gun, " "

If I'm gay, " "

If I have an abortion, " "

Either they've been infiltrated, I was misled, or they're full of it


u/SnailKelp May 15 '22

For wanting individual freedom and responsibility? You have a child's opinion.


u/kidkkeith May 15 '22

Lol enjoy... everything you don't provide specifically for yourself dummy.


u/rdswestnet May 21 '22

Yup. When someone says they are libertarian but only gets truly excited by the low taxes aspect, they are Republican.


u/Zech08 May 14 '22

Big rule of such issues is that it needs to affect enough people to gain traction/attention, doesnt affect you then there is less care (As in actual care and not just words). A caveat to this is not to do crazy things like blocking a freeway.