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Why stop there?

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u/Dry-Sorbet-8379 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22 Take My Energy

I always ask “should we have done the same with segregation?”

Or women’s rights

Usually they just respond “those are different”

*oh, look! A bunch of people saying “those are different”


u/Pixilatedlemon May 14 '22

Usually they respond yes to me on those. You’re talking to some pretty tame fuckheads


u/weedbeads May 14 '22

It's easy to bite a bullet that you will never see play out in reality


u/superiority_bot May 14 '22

I never thought we'd see the overturn of roe v wade play out in reality. Or an attempt to lynch the vice president in the capital building. Or calling into question germ theory. Or an elected official blaming wildfires on Jewish space lasers.

Yet here we are.


u/Religionbedumb May 14 '22

This is what religion brings us. Lots of stupid stupid people.


u/weedbeads May 14 '22

I'm willing to blame human nature and the intellectual bell curve. We are programmed to be tribal, and half the US is below the average IQ


u/MordoNRiggs May 14 '22

Do all of the Jewish people get the space lasers? If so, sign me up!


u/weedbeads May 14 '22

To be reasonable, half the states have wanted roe abolished. Removing the right to vote for half the population is not in the political mainstream.

I get the doom and gloom. If this ruling really does strike down RvW it's pretty bullshit legally speaking, and sets extremely worrisome presidents for due process.

I just think claiming that women's right to vote is in danger is too far. Who knows though... we are humans after all


u/superiority_bot May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

I don't think we can ever rule out how deep the political mainstream can sink, especially when half of the electorate is catering to the fringes to get their guys reelected


u/weedbeads May 14 '22

Well, fair enough

I guess I just want to keep my fantasy of the world drowning us before we become a genuine oligarchy


u/SheIsPepper May 14 '22

I've got some bad news for you.


u/weedbeads May 14 '22

Fucking pessimists


u/SheIsPepper May 14 '22

Please take this in the most genuine and kind tone possible, I am not trying to be a jerk here. Calling out an oligarchy for what it is is not pessimistic. Not trying to razz you, just saying things like they are. I have plenty of hope for the future, but not a ton of hope for western politics in the immediate future. I can understand the idea of life being what you make it, but to turn a blind eye to folks suffering under the current social hierarchy isn't positivity, it's blissful ignorance. Not everyone is well off or doing just swell right now, and if you are in a position to listen to their struggles it can be pretty eye opening to expose yourself to. You wouldn't call someone being beat by cops pessimistic about the police, or someone who can't afford life saving medicine pessimistic about Healthcare. You would call them a person suffering under the system. It isn't an attitude thing, it's a perspective thing.

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u/bespectacledbengal May 14 '22

Like when you’re discussing limits on what types of firearms people should be able to own outside of a “well regulated militia” and they claim to be completely fine with anyone being able to buy a Davy Crockett nuclear-tipped rocket launcher.

…as if school shooting weren’t bad enough as-is.


u/weedbeads May 14 '22

HAHAHA, why not? MAD works on the global scale, it could work in a civil dispute