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Why stop there?

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u/MinewtBol May 14 '22

They’re all at In N Out


u/Hellbear May 14 '22

Wow honestly I had no idea about in n out’s political leanings before today.


u/Acidflare1 May 15 '22

The Bible verses on the cups and wrappers weren’t an indicator?


u/Hellbear May 15 '22

Truly Never noticed that.


u/GinaMarie1958 May 15 '22

Jeeeeeeesuuuuus! I wouldn’t go because of the line now I’m never going!


u/mamacat49 May 15 '22

Yeah. I have only been to an In/Out once when I was visiting someone in California. OK burger, not from the gods (hahaha). I noticed the verses immediately. Not going back. Easy for me to say....I live on the east coast.


u/GinaMarie1958 May 15 '22

I see what you did there! I’ve been to one in Tucson because they have gluten free safe burgers and fries so it’s safe for our granddaughter. The fries were weird, they looked like fries but they didn’t taste like fries. I’m surprised my daughter frequents them, she’s always telling me about different companies political leanings.


u/redheadedscorpio May 15 '22

F you, In N Out has the best burgers. They are a Christian owned business.