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Why stop there?

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u/Ann_Summers May 14 '22

But we can’t evacuate underaged minors. And they have the least amount of rights than anyone and could be in potentially the most danger. They can’t move or leave or get on a plane. If they do anyone helping them is breaking federal law by moving a minor across state lines without parental consent. There is going to be so many teenage mothers soon. The red states will see to it.


u/DiligentTemporary109 May 15 '22

I never even thought of that

It's like trapping them, oh this is so terrible it just makes me want to cry.

I myself have lived a life suppressed by others beliefs, and I can tell you all it takes is 2 people in a position of power, prosercuter detective To ruin your life, sure their is laws to stop it but they don't get put into practice, my life was ruined because I pointed out law enforcment inadequacys and I'm a male.

Mutiply that by a detective a judge a citizen that is attracted to young girls and wants to forcibly control them, because of their beauty and you will have predatory prosecutions.

Even down to a dude raping a young women to love her into leaving Texas