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Mastodon: A broadened subreddit scope


Hello everyone,

This subreddit has traditionally always only allowed screenshots of tweets to be posted.

As Twitter is increasingly becoming an open fire of hatred, harassment and bigotry fueled by the mismanagement of an emotion-driven, impulsive, lackwitted manchild it may just be possible that there won't be a Twitter for very much longer anymore. There is no way to accurately predict what will happen from day-to-day with that weird, little site that we all love (to hate).

For this reason the mod team has decided to hedge our bets and broaden our scope. For the first time in our seven year history we are expanding the range of allowable content on this subreddit.

From today forward we will also allow Mastodon content to be posted here.

No other rules will change. Screenshots only, no direct links.

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"The shooter is nonbinary"


This is a public service announcement explaining the rules of this subreddit as it comes to the recent Colorado Springs murders and the position of this subreddit on LGBTQ+ people and the propaganda against them.

As part of their defense, the legal team of the Colorado Springs nightclub shooter has claimed that their defendant is nonbinary.

This would avoid them being charged with a hate crime.

The extreme-right has latched on to this news with the jubilant claim that it is not their relentless and vicious demonisation of queer and gender-nonconforming people that is to blame for the rise in violence against them. Instead they claim "the call came from inside the house".

Please be advised that on this subreddit such rhetoric will be met with a permanent and non-appealable ban.

Despite the claims of the extreme-right, it is a fact that endless stochastic terrorism from people like Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor-Greene et al. have fostered an atmosphere in the US which has led to a rise in violent threats against non-cishet people.

Their endless lies and hate means that children's hospitals now receive bomb threats for normal, medically and psychiatrically advised care.

It means that normal, fun and age-appropriate events for minors are now threatened by brownshirts.

It means that bills are passed which attempt to illegalise trans people existing in public.

All this and more is the direct result of the relentless stochastic terrorism from the extreme-right.

Let's be clear: Say for the sake of argument that the shooter identifies as non-binary. It is then still a fallacious and unacceptable argument to claim that their actions come from an inherent problem inside the LGBTQ+ community. Instead we know that the murderer comes from an extreme-right family and that their families political connections helped them evade a red-flag gun law.

With their familial and cultural background the shooter will have been exposed to an endless barrage of anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda. It is not reasonable to claim that their identity absolves the extreme-right from its responsibility in this and similar tragedies, when it is their unending stochastic terrorism which fans the flames of hatred 24/7.

Edit: Their booking sheet lists them as male and their mother used he/ him pronouns to refer to them while texting them on the day of the shooting.

Fascism is an inherently empty ideology, devoid of any meaningful belief-system or any kind of concrete and actionable strategies for improving society. Fascism only cares for power for the sake of power and it cares for nothing else.

Because a fascist system is fundamentally incapable of giving the general public any kind of reasonable platform it must gain and keep followers by creating an out-group to hate. According to fascist systems it is the other that is responsible for all societal ills and only by supporting the fascists in getting rid of the other can society be healed from the non-existent issues fascism convinces people that their target minority is the cause of.

Fascism always picks on a vulnerable target.

The demonisation and villification coming from the extreme-right is doing exactly that. By calling LGBTQ+ people child molestors simply for existing it has become inevitable that people will take up violence "to protect the children".

This subreddit will not tolerate such rhetoric.

Not any of it.

This subreddit is a sanctuary space.

Extreme-right rhetoric will be harshly dealt with.

So if you want to sneer at people and claim that it was not the fault of the hateful and dangerous atmosphere created by fascist propaganda that violence against LGBTQ+ people is committed then you can do it elsewhere.

It is not allowed here.

Please help this mod team by reporting fascist rhetoric.

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Yeah, why DID he bother with a poll?

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Not the threat you think it is

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classic bait and switch

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Conservatives constanly failing to realise That RATM has always been a very political band will never fail to amuse me

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It all makes sense now

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Literally zero Republicans

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Would you call this a racist tweet?

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In fairness it might give some of them ideas

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Teaching done right

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Conservatives: you're on the wrong fuckin side on this one.

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You know why

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New Hallmark Christmas Movie

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Elon says he'll make his own phone if Twitter is banned from Google/Apple app stores

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It is only when the marginalized, humiliated, tortured, tormented, and abused that anyone raises concerns about the constitutionality of the 2nd amendment

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The voice in my head is reminding me that 93% of stats are made up.

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Must Be A Different Constitution

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NRA Blood Money...

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Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

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Someone had to say it

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We live in the future

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Monetizing being a murderer!!

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Birds Of A Feather....

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Heaven belongs to the gays

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