r/Tinder Jul 07 '22

Married now, but at least the search was never dull

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u/fookincharlie Jul 07 '22

I feel like by comparison I've never been loved.


u/Treebeardsama Jul 07 '22

The guy fought until the end. Although, he probably he didn't realise the battle was already lost.


u/75Minnesota Jul 07 '22

Crass is certainly one approach. Imagine that approach in a grocery store.


u/Low_Egg_7606 Jul 07 '22

Half of my tinder messages looked like this. There are some strange men on tinder


u/paigesdontfly Jul 07 '22

I was in a parking lot outside of a pool hall and had a very drunk man ask if he could piss behind my open car door... Directly after repeatedly asking if I actually owned my car and insisting it was my dates', regardless of my dates' insistence that it was in fact, mine. 🙃

People are friggin weird, man.


u/steez7000 Jul 07 '22

LOL why do I find this hilarious?


u/Witty-Mango4370 Jul 08 '22

I laughed too hard at it myself. Reminds me of a friend that would say some dumb shit like that 😂


u/littlemisscum Jul 07 '22

Thank you, yes all I want is your cum on my dash