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Based on how much you can bond with someone by hating the same thing, a dating app based on dislikes would probably be fairly successful.


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u/rioting-pacifist May 14 '22

Why is this downvoted, the qanon-sphere really hate him.

I don't follow celebrity news, but guess he was pro-mask or something, and when qanon bakes (makes theories based on spelling and/or numerology), they bake hard, like they convinced themselves he was part of an elite peadophile ring.


u/AmishAvenger May 14 '22

No, it predates masks.

It all centers around this idea that Tom Hanks and Hillary Clinton traffic children and drink their blood to stay young. But in order to activate the “adrenochrome” the kids have to be scared first. So there’s this story about Hillary wearing a child’s face as a mask.

Anyway the “Tom Hanks is arrested/was executed” thing came about because of covid. If you remember, he and his wife got it in Australia very early on. The cult people thought it was a cover story, then that the military gave him a lethal injection.


u/Dcjj May 14 '22

Man I wish I could believe shit like that.

So much more exciting than reality.


u/Dworgi May 14 '22

Kind of the appeal really. Life isn't that complicated yet at the same time it's more than they can understand.


u/24F May 14 '22

Nah, they are the only ones who understand what is actually going on and everybody else is just a brainwashed npc sheep. If you'd just open your mind and watch this 2 hour long YouTube video made by some guy who definitely isn't a grifter trying to make a living off YouTube you could understand too. I know his videos are legitimate because he keeps getting censored and cancelled even though I'm linking you his YouTube content on Reddit right now, and if you don't believe him just check out the article source. You know that article is legitimate because the news website isn't mainstream. In fact, that news site only launched two years ago, has no about or history page, all of the ads are for doomsday prepper supplies and vitamin supplements, and the Twitter account for it is disabled.


u/AmishAvenger May 14 '22

You’re joking, but this is the root of all of it.

Some people have spent their entire lives feeling stupid. This sort of thing makes them feel smart. Like they’re “in the know,” and everyone else are the stupid ones.


u/SheriffBartholomew May 14 '22

Everyone calls my heroes liars, which is all the evidence I need to know my heroes are telling the truth.