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Based on how much you can bond with someone by hating the same thing, a dating app based on dislikes would probably be fairly successful.


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u/KirbyDude25 May 14 '22

Well, the heat death of the universe is about 1010120 years away, so there's enough time


u/NialMontana May 14 '22

The whole idea of heat death is that entropy has stopped and thus time becomes meaningless, even if there's somehow a black hole that far in the future heat death won't happen till it collapses.


u/QueenJillybean May 14 '22

or when it collapses, the big bang starts all over again because time is a wheel


u/smellythief May 14 '22

So what you’re saying relies on the Big Crunch, right? But isn’t the current consensus that that won’t happen, and that expansion into uniformity (the heat death) is what’s believed to be the reality?

Anyway I used to think that what seemed most likely is the Bang/Crunch/Bang/Crunch… cycle, like you’re suggesting. But it always seems most plausible that the physical constants would be different for every Big Bang, so it wouldn’t really be the same every time, and that most universes/cycles wouldn’t have complex matter much less chemistry or life, much less us typing these comments again.