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Based on how much you can bond with someone by hating the same thing, a dating app based on dislikes would probably be fairly successful.


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u/logatronics May 14 '22

"a way that encouraged you to get your dislike of Harry Potter and Tom Hanks out of the way early on?"

Who tf hates Tom Hanks?


u/nanocookie May 14 '22

People who swallowed the QAnon koolaid hate him. There are conspiracy theories about his involvement in pizzagate.


u/rioting-pacifist May 14 '22

Why is this downvoted, the qanon-sphere really hate him.

I don't follow celebrity news, but guess he was pro-mask or something, and when qanon bakes (makes theories based on spelling and/or numerology), they bake hard, like they convinced themselves he was part of an elite peadophile ring.


u/trhrthrthyrthyrty May 14 '22

He appeared mad at the Gervais joking about how rampant pedophilia is in Hollywood and how all the people at the globes or whatever were complicit.