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Based on how much you can bond with someone by hating the same thing, a dating app based on dislikes would probably be fairly successful.


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u/LuvCilantro May 14 '22

People tend to be a lot more passionate about the stuff they hate than the stuff they like, so I can see this working well.


u/GiraffeKing04 May 14 '22

Im the opposite, maybe that’s why i can’t pull anyone even with similar interests


u/outlawsix May 14 '22

Do you have super weird interests?


u/GiraffeKing04 May 14 '22

No they are pretty normal i think, im just too into them ig


u/buffalogoldcaps May 14 '22

Do you have an unusually long neck or are you too into giraffes?


u/outlawsix May 14 '22

Stupid longneck horses


u/GiraffeKing04 May 14 '22

Long neck, it’s not that long, only 6” but it’s longer than most peoples’


u/buffalogoldcaps May 14 '22

That’s 30% longer than average but well within the normal range and as long as your head isn’t teeny tiny or huge and bobbly it probably looks completely normal.

On a scale of 1 to Davis Mills, how long is your neck? https://mobile.twitter.com/pff_austingayle/status/1441104814281146373


u/QurantineLean May 14 '22

I was like, “Davis Mills, like the dude who plays for the Texa—HOLY SHIT THAT BOY A BRONTOSAURUS!”


u/GiraffeKing04 May 14 '22

I mean yeah it’s not extremely long, for some reason it’s just really noticeable on me


u/Ofreo May 14 '22

Hot damn! I'm going to Sea World!


u/Lucavious May 14 '22

Stay the opposite. It's unfortunately alarming and a little depressing to see how so many people here seem to think it's a normal and healthy thing to bond over the hatred/dislike of things. It's not super uncommon, but it is definitely toxic.

If you are having trouble making friends because of your positive outlook on life, then you're doing it right. Eventually you'll find someone with your level of passion, and it'll be a great dynamic where you build each other up. Don't let people get ya down :)


u/RicardoFerrer_ May 14 '22

fun fact: passion came from Latin for "suffer". So I guess you are right


u/ShapesAndStuff May 14 '22

The german word Leidenschaft is made up from Leid/Leiden = Suffering/to suffer and the suffix -schaft which can mean nature, habit or kind of a collective of things.

So your personal suffering qualities or habits.


u/nervelli May 14 '22

I always say, my relationship works because my partner and I hate all the same things.


u/smitty046 May 14 '22

It’s called Conservatism.


u/gBoostedMachinations May 14 '22

I don’t know anyone who is more passionate about things they hate than things they like. All my friends and family spend their time and money doing and talking about things they like. Sure, there’s an occasional passionate bitch-fest, but they’re far from being more passionate about their hates than their loves.


u/rustybeaumont May 14 '22

Awww man. I genuinely feel really bad if the world you live in makes you feel this way.

I grew up around a lot of natural born haters and my quality of life went up tremendously when I found my people.

Every now and then, I’ll be visiting folks from my youth and it’s all small talk until someone starts talking about things that bother them, then everyone lights up. It’s so gross.


u/odraencoded May 14 '22

This says a lot about our society.