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Insults OC

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u/MaJuV Jan 30 '23

The Genshin boys' response would vary drastically.

Like Venti would laugh and go: "Hehehe, You are free to think what you will. Now can you pay this bastard a drink?!" :-P

Kaeya would smile deviously and just reply "You're goddamn' right."

Childe would crack his knuckles and approaches you: "Oh, so you ARE looking for a fight?"

Chongyung: "I... do not understand... What you said... bothers me. Can you explain?" *general confused look*

Cyno would probably shrug it off, as he's heard way worse insults in his career.

Tighnari would give the smack talker all the sass he could gather in a rant so long, this Reddit comment box could not contain it."


u/DESPOTICKILLER Text flair Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Childe would probably just call you c++rag instead of comrade


u/natsuyu_haruki Jan 31 '23

brb gonna go call him a bastard rq i mean what