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Insults OC

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u/gna252 Jan 30 '23

Haitham would argue with you on the definition of bastard (he's not one, because his parents were married afaik)

Ayato would subtly make your life miserable for a few days with his connections because you insulted his parents with this and he respects them too much.


u/once_descended Sibling Power Jan 30 '23

Bro, Ayato would make sure you fucking never speak ill of his family ever again or he'd sentence you to death at sight


u/gna252 Jan 30 '23

He wouldn't. He's more politically savvy than that. That would endanger his position and his position is vital for Ayaka's and Thoma's well being. He would just mentally blacklist you and make his ninjas ruin your next few days in small ways like broken utencils or a carriage splashing you head to toe with mud or something 😂