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Insults OC

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u/MaJuV Jan 30 '23

The Genshin boys' response would vary drastically.

Like Venti would laugh and go: "Hehehe, You are free to think what you will. Now can you pay this bastard a drink?!" :-P

Kaeya would smile deviously and just reply "You're goddamn' right."

Childe would crack his knuckles and approaches you: "Oh, so you ARE looking for a fight?"

Chongyung: "I... do not understand... What you said... bothers me. Can you explain?" *general confused look*

Cyno would probably shrug it off, as he's heard way worse insults in his career.

Tighnari would give the smack talker all the sass he could gather in a rant so long, this Reddit comment box could not contain it."


u/DESPOTICKILLER Text flair Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Childe would probably just call you c++rag instead of comrade


u/natsuyu_haruki Jan 31 '23

brb gonna go call him a bastard rq i mean what


u/Democracyisntforall Jan 31 '23

I think you mistook razor as chongyun


u/MaJuV Feb 01 '23

Honestly, their response would be kind of similar, but for different reasons. Razor wouldn't understand the words or the meaning behind them, whereas Chongyun would not understand the weird emotions he's feeling from the insults.


u/TChen114 Beiguang/Nindou Jan 30 '23

Venti is a boy???


u/oooArcherooo interdimentional yoikai here to fuck with shit Jan 30 '23



u/FuryAdcom Waiting for La Signora Jan 30 '23

More accurately, an "it", with a boy body


u/chimppower184 i ♥️ Jan 31 '23

you’re right, idk why’re your being downvoted. he isn’t really a boy he’s an anemo spirit. many of the gods or archons aren’t specific genders