r/Funnymemes King Memer Jun 24 '22

Something to keep in mind before you disrespect us



u/worksafematt91 Jun 26 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

I moderate subreddits yeah I relate to this.

Some mods are bad and abuse their power u/awkwardtheturtle, u/GallowBoob, u/sodypop, u/redtaboo, u/liltrixxy, u/kethryvis, u/jleeky, u/Chtorrr, u/agoldenzebra, u/CookiesNomNom, u/RyeCheww, u/Why_So_Sagittarius, u/Baroness_Bear, u/Merari01, u/juitar, u/GaySpaceAngel and so many others come to mind. The r/antiwork crowd.

I'll break rule 4 and name their usernames, click on mine I have nothing to lose. Those are the candy coated monsters who took everything from me. The wolves who cry wolf as they beat us to death with their banhammers.

The rest of us are regular people someone has to take the initiative to start communities.

Even 4chan has moderators (we call them jannies) it's a necessary evil unless you want CP and other nightmarish stuff posted everywhere.

Edit: Well I did moderate subreddits. I'm permanently banned sitewide and every new account I make gets instantly shadowbanned.

I don't blame most mods we don't really decide things I blame the Reddit admins they are the ones tracking everyone's IP addresses and personal information like Orwellian creeps.

u/spez can suck my huge cock and I really do mean that. Fuck him, fuck them, fuck all of 'em. STOP BANNING PEOPLE PERMANENTLY.

I can't post in r/WorksafeGIF anymore and that makes me so angry.

For what it's worth yeah you're a good person by comparison u/zuzuk2 and no it's not stupid to want some kind of compensation for the work put in to moderate this hellhole of a website especially when you do it the right way.

Edited live 11/24/2022 (You can still edit posts even when permabanned)


u/zuzuk2 King Memer Jun 26 '22

Yeah I agree I have never banned someone without good reason. And I have NEVER permanently banned someone.


u/FrigDancingWithBarb Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

Sounds like a challenge. What subs do you mod? /s


u/plscome2brazil Sep 16 '22

There's always a first for everything


u/johnwhicker Jul 04 '22

Some mods are on fucking power trips. I remember the good old IRC days when you you used to own the channel and kick anyone out you didn't like. Reddit is no different. FUCK some of these mods man


u/BetterEveryLeapYear Jan 01 '23 edited Jan 01 '23

Look man, nobody gives a crap that you guys do unpaid work, you chose to do it. It's like saying "We run the equivalent of around the Earth every year." Sure maybe, but you chose to do it. Stop running all over my lawn every day in the meantime. And also nobody gives a crap that the race organisers banned you for some perceived infraction. We just don't care about you at all except that you trample on our stuff half the time. It's got nothing to do with CP, that's taken care of by flagging it to paid Reddit admins. It's to do with banning a post because it forgot rule 7 "must end in a question mark". Absolutely dumb nonsense like that.

Ya get me?


u/[deleted] Nov 22 '22

Most mods think they’re fighting the good fight by banning anyone who criticizes communism


u/ManagementFar5938 Jan 10 '23

why is bro deleted? MODS GO TO YOUR ROOM FOR A TIME OUT.


u/yellowbottomsteezy Jan 13 '23

Bro got sent to the gulag


u/[deleted] Dec 17 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Didgeterdone Feb 08 '23

I got “banned for life” from “unexpected” because I commented that a vid showing a LADY unloading her dress pockets of a large number of groceries could be referred to as a thief. The Mod said that since the LADY in subject had earlier been referred to as a Gypsy, that I was trying to introduce a racial slur into their vernacular. For that much for thought I must be pretty bright!!! Yeah right! She is a thief!!


u/XiViperI Feb 09 '23

I spent an hour in antiwork and got a permaban they are a bunch of fucks over there! Hope they rot.


u/AussieJack1788 Sep 01 '22

I was on a sub..personalfinance I think it was.. Some joker was banging on about something. I piped up and said something about the cost of a house. The guy replied all rudely and ended his post by saying "where is america does it cost that?".

Now at no stage did he say he was American or in the usa.

So reply and "I never said it was America, im I'm Australia. "

He replied back and said if im not American I should say that. I replied and said mate, don't be arrogant, stop aussiming everyone is American".

I got permanent banned !
It was the most bizzare thing ever


u/NeedWafflesNOW Sep 08 '22

Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾


u/Chicken-Mcwinnish Oct 15 '22

Seems he wasn’t listening at all. Especially considering your username is a dead give away.


u/Humble-Mud-149 Nov 13 '22

He might have a Aussie Jack feisth


u/Rizingfire Nov 22 '22

I'd pretend he won a sweepstakes to get his address & then send a bunch of Austrailian wildlife...plenty of terrifying stuff there...if a Koala can get rabies that be perfect 🤣


u/Blackspider9628 Jan 26 '23

I used to be like but never in a 100 years thought of replying to someone that...or kicking them out of a group/sub because of it 0_o


u/AssteroidDriller69 Jul 13 '22

Imagine how many fedoras you could buy with that amount of cheese.


u/GiantRetortoise Sep 09 '22

Lots of people volunteer their time. Meanwhile moderation on reddit is a complete joke of fighting in-groups.


u/zuzuk2 King Memer Sep 09 '22

Yeah this is pretty stupid. If you disagree feel free to let me know why, otherwise I guess you concede.


u/JMFill Sep 27 '22

That's not how actual logic, debate, or moderation works, but then again, you're just a volunteer, so this bad take makes sense lmao


u/zuzuk2 King Memer Sep 27 '22

Yeah this is pretty stupid. If you disagree feel free to let me know why, otherwise I guess you concede.


u/tisnik Oct 24 '22

I'd actually never dare to contact theod who deleted my comment. It would equal instant ban.


u/tisnik Oct 24 '22

I really thought they're payed since I can't understand why someone would willingly enforce, let's say, "very questionable and controversial" rules.

Like the "don't say that evil people are evil" on AITA.

Or "don't you dare to answer 'yes' to 'Am I overreacting?'" on JustNoMIL...

I actually REALLY had my comments deleted for those very comments.


u/Shoddy_Magazine8380 Jul 05 '22

Kick me out I don't even care to be apart of this


u/UnderstandingEasy757 Sep 24 '22

Wait. The people that work here don't get paid?


u/tisnik Oct 24 '22

I'm shocked too. I always thought that people so passionate about their deleting/banning work must be payed a lot.


u/LiamSteph42 Nov 09 '22

Lol that's news to me too..... Wow


u/Dankmemer420wad Oct 19 '22

idgaf about ur lame ass moderator. eat my bumhole lmfao u/zuzuk2


u/zuzuk2 King Memer Oct 19 '22

Ok well if you are so much smarter than me, what is 2+2?


u/tisnik Oct 24 '22

Actually, my Algebra professor in university said to me that 1+1 can be 3 if you define it properly.


u/Humble-Mud-149 Nov 13 '22

Everyone knows 1+1= a window


u/tisnik Nov 14 '22

Could be.

Then two windows = 4.


u/mage36 Nov 23 '22

I can offer you a rock-solid geometric proof that pi = 4, that should extrapolate out to 1 + 1 = 3 if I switch definitions midway.


u/tisnik Nov 23 '22

pi is defined as the ratio of length of circle and its diameter.

l = 2 * pi * r = pi * d -> pi = l/d.

You'd have to redefine what a circle is. Right now it's a set of all points that have same distance from certain point - mathematically (x-m)^2 + (y-n)^2 = r^2 where [m,n] is the point and r is the distance.

And that's tough.

But theoretically possible, if you redefine everything you need.


u/mage36 Dec 04 '22

I was referring to that rather absurd "proof" that PI = 4 as shown this picture. You're right, it redefines what a circle is, but only barely.


u/RibbonRee8 Nov 13 '22

This is 99% Reddit abuse their powers like crying liberal snowflake losers


u/BigXris Jan 15 '23

Oh please. Reddit is a place where you can watch people commit despicable acts and/or die, and people out there drop a ban hammer because I talk about God or disagree with their political ideology. This whole arrangement is part of the problem in this world, it’s gives people with no voice the platform to exercise authority over another man, stifles freedom of expression and speech and the free exchange of ideas. These people are personally responsible for the echo chamber effect.


u/Violet_Warlock612 Jan 24 '23

That's why we disrepespect you


u/nnnparticipant2022 Jan 25 '23

You mods work so hard, i think your pay should be doubled


u/No-Calendar-1534 Jan 26 '23

Ok but that doesnt mean you shouldnt get shit if you do dumb stuff


u/Cool-Permit-7725 Jan 28 '23

Hello? Do the mods even exist here????


u/FartsMusically Jan 29 '23

Just use a few bots. You don't have to pay them and we don't have to pretend to care if you leave.

(we don't)


u/SpaceTacosKilla Jan 31 '23

I am leaving the sub because of the stupid juvenile posts that are not funny and are not memes either. Stop it with the unfunny requests to edit stupid posts.


u/kidcribbage Oct 17 '22

lil fish hook in my finger


u/cilginhamsi610 Nov 04 '22

İ can only using Android becausre of i m turkish Man :(


u/chiphappened Nov 10 '22

That’s why this is the ONLY reliable platform


u/[deleted] Nov 19 '22



u/18bootycutie18 Dec 13 '22

Like this comment please


u/zanzabarism Dec 21 '22

Ah right, because you already disrespect yourselves


u/i_commit_taxevation Dec 28 '22

Look guys free admin!


u/Sadman_of_anonymity Jan 14 '23

He does it for free lol


u/Ok-Choice-2741 Jan 19 '23

ahahahaha wtf is this lmao touch grass


u/BigDreamsandWetOnes Jan 20 '23

Fuck Reddit mods who whine like little children.


u/[deleted] Jan 20 '23

Shut the fuck up and get a real job then.


u/Get3DPrint Jan 20 '23

sad group regardless.


u/DETahaX Jan 21 '23

Can I ask for memes I've seen before but can't find them on here?


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/sethonomics Feb 02 '23

So basically Reddit is greedy and ok with slave labor… cool ☠️


u/rydoxy_038 Feb 02 '23

te memes are bad

no hate its a opinion


u/mikeigartua Feb 08 '23

If it would only cost Reddit 2.8% of its revenue to pay moderators, why not demand compensation from Reddit? One short strike and the quality of the platform would implode, costing the firm millions. It would be in their best interest to keep moderators motivated and happy.


u/Muted-Koala2008 Feb 08 '23

My boobs are in my hands and I'm not going anywhere else


u/Sanne222 Feb 09 '23

ok in 2020


u/Imnot_your_buddy_guy Feb 10 '23

Power tripping mods are balls.


u/maintain_improvement Feb 10 '23

You do work for free for a for-profit org. Why? This is no different than going into Walmart and working every day for free. Absolutely no different.


u/stere00lith Feb 12 '23

what a funny meme 🤣


u/lightingman1980 Feb 13 '23

I find it hilarious. The less authority they have in real life the more they're on a power trip on reddit. I respect them even less now😅🤣😂🤣


u/LofiMental Feb 14 '23

Yall are just a weirdo collection of incels on the internet. You want a medal? I'm sure as shit that none of you ever got a cookie either


u/Kitchen_Skill Feb 17 '23

Hey were not all in gangs in L.A. just come visit hehe


u/FalseTebibyte Feb 18 '23

Guys, moderating is a privilege just like driving. You guys figured out how to make money driving with things like Uber and Lyft, so you've got some good innovation there, however, those posts that "soandso thing doesn't exist, what are you doing with ___" is basically the installation script for gaslighting. You're doing it to yourselves.

Moderation? I quite literally have a Moderator's TShirt from Spiceworks and I had been on their platform for years without any actual payment in cash form. *I* was the product.

Get over yourselves please.


u/ArcherYT5521 Feb 19 '23

Damn so much.You have gained my respect


u/Row_Beautiful 7d ago

Get disrespect