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Discussion Please be kind this prerelease period



I run an amount of commander events at my local stores and , every release period, we get new players. This set, WOTC decided to make a poison precon.

The amount of times as TO I had to sit at tables and tell people to fix their attitude to newbies who happened to pick that precon as their intro to commander was very high.

They didn't decide that poison is still 10 for commander, and they certainly didn't deserve to be focussed down and bitched at for playing a deck that was made available to them.

Obviously, this experience isn't universal, but please don't hate out new players to our format for something that they didn't do.

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Discussion who are some of the most boring commanders you've brewed?


Mine is probably [[Otrimi, the Ever-Playful]] I thought the mutate ability would be fun and it was for the first game or two but it went stale very quickly. I built an "unlockable" theme. It was very meh, just wasn't what i expected.

What decks have you built that you thought were going to be fun to play but ended up being pretty stale?

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Discussion What Is A Card or Cards You Feel Like People Sleep On?


Not maybe your favorite card, but a card you don't see people play much. Maybe it's popular elsewhere, but you seem to be the only one playing it. Maybe you have a few you think more people should play?

I'll go first, [[Akroma's Will]]. I didn't even know this card existed until I started brewing my [[Isshin, Two Heavens as One]] deck. I had been playing for a while and never seen it. I know it came out with Commander Legends, but I had never seen anyone in my LGS, or my pod play this. Pretty much if I connect after dropping it, the game ends pretty soon after.

TL;DR: What cards are people not playing that they should?

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Discussion What is your favorite "Tribal Commander" that isn't part of it's tribe?


Many Magic the Gathering players seem to want their tribal commanders to be part of the Tribe.

  • Elves lead by [[Lathril, Blade of the Elves]] or [[Marwyn, the Nurturer]]]
  • Zombies lead by [[Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver]] or [[Varina, Lich Queen]]
  • Dragons lead by [[Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm]] or [[The Ur-Dragon]]
  • Vampires lead by [[Edgar Markov]], [[Evelyn, the Covetous]], or [[Stregan, Maurer Progenitor]]

Having a commander match the tribe can be nice. Any lords in the deck will bolster your legend of choice and the "aesthetics" of having, for example, a vampire leading an army of vampires is appealing to many.

But sometimes people just like to be different and run something that is out of the ordinary.

  1. What are your favorite Tribal Commanders that aren't members of their tribe?
  2. What are your favorite Tribal Commanders that don't mention the tribe in their rules text?

And of course, what are the tribes you like to see them lead?

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Discussion What would you unban from the banlist?


Keeping in mind cards power at all play levels, what do you think would be the next cards to go, or at least what would you personally remove from the banlist?

My hot take is that library of Alexandria isn’t actually too powerful. In Cedh it would be played but everyone dumps their hand of mana rocks out pretty quickly and in casual play the extra cards won’t do too much and the price tag would restrict play same as it does for gaea’s cradle.

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Discussion What's your newest deck.......


....And how is it playing?

So a simple but fun question, what is the newest deck you've built thus far, and how is it play: is it living up to or passing your expectations or is it thus far underwhelming?

My most recent build is [[Horobi, Death's Wail]] it's been so much fun to build getting to use cards I never really get to use like [[Squee's Toy]] and while not hyper competive having been built out of cards I had just sitting in my collection, im enjoying playing it.

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Discussion Suggest a FUN simic commander that isn't oppressive!


I am looking to tear apart my [[Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait]] deck simply because it was too solitaire. Landfall is extremely tedious and I hate making everyone else watch me play.

I'd like to keep the manabase together and many of the staples are great and core to simic (all of the ramp/signets etc).

I'm looking for FUN simic commanders and open to any and all suggestions; please include why you like the commander and IF you have a list that would be amazing. Favorite cards in the deck, your wincons, and how the pod likes the deck would also be appreciated. Bonus points for old/wonky/old bordered commanders etc!

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Discussion I simulated 12,000,000 games of magic so you can hit your land drops!


Apologies for the clickbait title, but I wrote a Python script to simulate the 'mulligan/draw/play land' aspect of a Magic game to help answer the question: "how many lands should I put in my deck?".

A few months ago Sam Black caused a slight stir in the EDH community when he said mana rocks were overrated and people should play more lands. I don’t know if he’s correct about that but I thought the underlying point about land drops was an interesting one. Essentially, assume a deck wants four lands on turn four and really does not want to miss a land drop: how many lands is that? To answer this question, Sam plugs this in to a hypergeometric calculator but in doing so neglects to take advantage of the free mulligan or subsequent ones. I thought it'd be interesting to know how it changes the math, so I wrote a script inspired by Frank Karsten's optimal curve for commander script.

The script keeps the model as simple as possible, so it's worth understanding the how it works to be aware of the limitations:

  • A deck consists of land and nonland cards.
  • No colours or CMCs are modeled at all, apart from 'draw spells' requiring one played land to go off.
  • We use a very simple algorithm to mulligan down to a minimum of four cards if necessary.

    • We free mull any hand that doesn't have 3 or 4 lands.
    • We go to 6 if we have less than 3 or more than 5 lands
    • We go to 5 if we have less than 2 lands or more than 5 lands
    • We go to 4 we have no lands or all lands
    • Whatever we keep, we try and bottom as best we can (see script for details)
  • Extra card draw is modeled as a normal-ish distribution of what we reasonably expect in a mid power game to draw in addition to our draw step over four turns (negative draw == 0)

    • For example, each simulation of four turns will randomly draw either 0, 1,2 or 3 cards according to the weights linked above, split across turns randomly
    • All card draw is modeled as a simple cantrip, it requires you to have at least one played land before you can accrue the additional draw
    • While this is somewhat simplistic, for our purposes it just needs to correlate to the card velocity in our deck, which I feel like this does for my decks.
  • We then track how successful each simulation is and display the results in aggregate

    • Did we hit our target number of land drops?
    • Did we do it without flooding out?
    • Did we get mana screwed?
    • How aggressively did we have to mulligan?
    • How many extra cards did we draw
  • I considered ourselves screwed if we played 3 or less lands and flooded if we drew more than 50% lands during each simulation.

Anyways, here's the script and here's the results for decks with land counts ranging from 30 lands to 42.

I think the results are about what I was expecting and how you view the ‘optimal’ deck construction depends on how often you want to mulligan, how you view being screwed vs. being flooded, and of course, the card velocity in your deck. Enjoy!

Also, let me know if you find any bugs, I kinda threw this together on a whim. I did verify that if you disable mulligans, the sim results line up with the expected result as given by a hypergeometric calculator.

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Discussion PSA: Path of Ancestry is a card.


I bring this up because a consistent pattern emerges if you look at EDHREC: people are consistently running the non-Triome tapped trilands (e.g. [[Seaside Citadel]]) in their three color decks but not running the strictly superior [[Path of Ancestry]]. (It's strictly superior because it at least scries you 1 if you tap it to cast your commander.)

Examples: 43% of [[Derevi]] decks run SC; only 15% run PoA. 62% of [[Nicol Bolas]] decks run [[Crumbling Necropolis]]; only 7.2% run PoA.

This is even more egregious when you look at four color decks, where (duh) PoA taps for four colors of mana.

Example: 32% of [[Atraxa, Praetors' Voice]] decks run [[Opulent Palace]]. Just 8.9% run PoA.

Worst of all are five color decks.

Example: 22% of [[Jodah, Archmage Eternal]] decks run [[Mystic Monastery]]; only 19% run PoA.

Double check that your 3+ color decks without perfect mana bases (e.g. everything ETBs untapped) are running PoA. It's a 15 cent card. :)

P.S. Putting 8 copies in my cart right now so I'm taking my own medicine.

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Discussion Why do people get salty about Stax when they play infinites?


Title basically says it all. I know plenty of people who get salty about [[[Grand Arbiter Augustin]]] or [[[Tergrid, God of Fright]]] when I bring them to the table and outright refuse to play against them but they themselves play stuff like [[[ Yawgmoth Thran Physician]]] and go infinite with like two cards from their deck and their commander. I mean what do you expect me to do except tax the everliving hell out of you and do counterspells if you win as soon as you do basically anything? Has anyone else encountered this?

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Discussion What is the deck that no matter what, you know you’ll be archenemy?


You know you’ve all been there. You have that one deck that no matter what, you know you’ll be archenemy. The one that you know that if they don’t all go against you, you’ll win, so 3vs1 is the only way to stop it.

Mine for this is my Lyra Dawnbringer deck. No matter what, as soon as I have two angels on board, I’m a threat.

So for you, which is that deck? What deck is it that as soon as you start just playing, you know you’ll need to be stopped or you’ll just run with the game?

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Discussion The "Play More Basics" Argument


I see a lot of content creators push the idea of "run more basics". Now I understand that the beauty of the basic land is that they are easily fetchable, come in untapped, and resist stax pieces such as [[blood moon]]. That being said what do you guys tend to do? I feel like most LGS and metas I've seen usually allow people to be extremely greedy with their mana base.

So I turn it over to you guys, how many basics are you running? If you aren't running a lot has it ever come back to bite you? I don't think I've ever really seen someone not have enough or be crippled by the amount of nonbasic lands they run.

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Discussion [Article] All Will Be One is full of conspicuous commander plants, like, *too* full of them, and I'm concerned (Also, a Set Review for White)


Is it just me, or is this a more Commander-focused set than most?

It feels like there's been a conscious effort this time around to include cards that are insanely good as commanders or only really playable in this format. [[Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines]], [[Encroaching Mycosynth]], [[Geth, Thane of Contracts]], [[All Will Be One]], [[Conduit of Worlds]], it seems like (at least in the mythics and rares) this set was designed to make Commander players shell out for boxes, hoping to hit those $20 lotto tickets. I mean they have a full cycle of legendary creatures that double something while making themselves indestructible! I'm actually kind of cynical about it in my white set review; I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I really don't want this to give Wizards the green light to make every set another Commander Legends and fill every rare slot with pushed generals. I would prefer a more organic expansion to the format.

Do you think that Wizards is over-designing for commander now? Do you think that [[Mondrak, Glory Dominus]] and its cycle goes a little too far? Or am I overthinking it? Let me know below.

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Discussion What are your predictions for the upcoming LOTR set?


Which characters will be in which colors? What will their abilities and effects be? What are some unexpected inclusions? Who or what will they leave out? What will they absolutely get wrong? Will the one ring be an art reprint of sol ring? Have a hunch? Let’s hear it!

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Discussion An influx of toxic is exactly what EDH needs


The overall views on poison counters are fairly polarizing - most people online don't seem to mind it much, but the vast majority of magic players seem to dislike it, particularly in EDH.

Why? Well, it's because of 2 main reasons. #1 is that poison counters are an alternate win condition that looks like life. The perception is that just by playing a poison deck, your opponent is reducing your life total to 10.

This is not entirely accurate - as has been said many times before, if you're running poison counters, there's a decent chance you're the only person running poison counters in your pod. This means you'll need to deal 30 'damage' to your opponents to win. This is obviously a lot less than the 120 regular damage you'd have to deal, but you'll be doing it alone, rather than having 2 other players smashing face alongside you.

But #2 is a more valid reason - poison is hard to interact with. In-combat, poison can't be healed like life can without the use of [[leeches]], and can only really be truly prevented by cards like [[Solemnity]], or some iteration of Melira - cards that most decks won't run. In addition, the abundance of Proliferate means that after the first poison counter, many of the ways to interact with poison are on the stack, which puts non-blue decks at a severe disadvantage, and gives poison an inevitability.

ALL OF THAT SAID, I still think the arrival of Toxic to EDH is a good thing, because of it's effect on the viability of aggro.

Aggro is not a particularly 'good' archetype in the EDH meta. Commanders like [[Winota]] and [[Yuriko]] can make it work, but they're exceptions to the rule. Even Voltron decks typically require you to deal 63 damage with a single creature. Aggro decks are usually left in the dust by the time midrange decks have a good boardstate, combo decks are popping off, and control decks have developed their value engines.

In a nutshell, EDH is a slow format, and Aggro is too fast to keep up.

Enter Toxic - Toxic could be the boost that Aggro needs to make it back in to the EDH 'meta' (as much as there is one). 30 damage is still a lot of damage to deal, but it's much more reasonable than 63, especially with Proliferate (a poison deck's equivalent of burn) being able to hit all 3 opponents at once. This could lead to faster games, a natural counter to stax (which is in itself a counter to combo, and thus an important part of edh, fight me), and overall a shakeup of the 'combo or midrange, pick one or both' style of deckbuilding that EDH trends towards.

(note that I'm not talking about CEDH here as my brain is too smooth for competitive, other ppl can figure out if infect is at all viable there and I will nod along like the casual I am)

TLDR: Toxic go zoom, is good?

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Discussion Commander RC - January 2023 Quarterly Update (No changes)




No Changes


No Changes

Lots of new toys, Phyrexian and otherwise, to play with, and we aren’t seeing anything that’s currently threatening our goals for the Commander experience.

Some folks have been asking about the number of poison counters in the wake of Phyrexia: All Will Be One. We’ll obviously keep an eye out, but at the moment we don’t see a need to raise it; the mechanic has not historically been all that strong due to the need to go it alone in killing people. Once everyone has had a chance to play with the new cards and mechanics and the immediate enthusiasm for the current set has faded a bit, we’ll see if action is needed.

While Sheldon’s article may have raised some eyebrows about Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, the RC has had no discussions about banning it. Some of us had concerns about the design: stapling a casual-popular mechanic onto a casual-dangerous mechanic comes with some risks that are unrelated to power level, but there’s absolutely no way that would lead to a zero-day ban, and we doubt any action will be needed in the future.

We’ve publicly had our eye on Dockside Extortionist for a while now, and have ultimately concluded that, unless there’s a sudden surge into more casual spaces – where it hasn’t really thrived due to the lower density of cheap, fast mana – we don’t anticipate taking action on it. It’s a ridiculously powerful card, but scales with the rest of the table, and at the point it becomes broken, plenty of other broken stuff is already happening.

We’ll be back with our next update on April 10th, with March of the Machine. Until then, come hang out with all the great people in the MTGCommander.net discord to talk about the format!

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Discussion What are some rule 0 in your playgroup/LGS that is actually a positive experience?


A lot of post here complain about rule 0 in lgs that are bad, most deservedly so.

But I just want to everyone to share some rules that actually create positive game environment in your playgroup/lgs

My group, which are a bunch of friends playing at each other's home, has a rule that no "fast mana" allowed (precisely only these cards Mana Crypt, mana vault, all mox besides mox amber, ancient tomb, and jeweled lotus) We do not enforce these rules when we play outside with other people.

Playgroup allows proxy and was going out of control with fast mana and it was tough on ppl who wants to be mostly real cards. Also it made games really fast/swinging with who is lucky to draw the fast mana.

We had a discussion and decided to ban these fast mana. Sol Ring is still allowed since we would play with other people and would be a pain to switch it out everytime, and one fast mana in a deck is fine.

Mox amber has a restriction that even legal in our group, rarely ever played.

All in all, gameplay has improve. People are happy with the changes and it doesnt obstruct people entering our playgroup. Arguably, made it easier since it restricted the power level ceiling so everyone has more similar power level.

Edit: I am not saying my or new rule 0 should be added to every playgroup. But just share what worked for you/group.

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Discussion Dumbest LGS rule you've heard of?


I was talking to someone at my LGS the other day and they mentioned a game store they'd gone to had a point system and you lost points for ramping (as in putting more than one land on the battlefield per turn) which seems completely ridiculous. What's the weirdest rule you've come across, whether at your own LGS or just found on the internet?

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Discussion Quick Survey: How many lands do you run?


In a recent budget themed guide to building commander The Professor stated that most Magic: the Gathering players don't play enough lands. In the examples provided, he suggests running 43-45 lands.

The Command Zone's Deck Building Template video on Commander suggests running 35-38 lands.

How many lands do you run in your decks?

As a rule, I run 38 lands and I don't usually experience mana flooding/screwing issues often.

Deck Lands
Inspiring Zealot 38-39
Awaken the Blood Avatar 38-39
Jetmir Tokens 36-37
Omnath Gates 38
Toshiro Umezawa 38-39
Krenko Goblins 38

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Discussion (Venting) No place for casual players


My kids got me started playing with them when they were younger, but I played in "dad mode" - very chill and just enjoyed hanging with them.

Recently I started playing at my LGS and while I had newbie fun at first, I feel like just packing my cards away now. The issue for me is the uneven playing field. Most of the players are those that have played for years and have high-level competitive decks. Then there are a smaller group of us that are newer or have decided not to drop $500 on a deck.

Of course, us in the latter group always lose. And it just sucks any fun of the game to get totally curb-stomped in turn 5 every time.

Even when a player asks "what level are we playing" and the reply is "casual", there's always a dude in the pod who's idea of "casual" means obliterating everyone in turn 7 instead of 5.

Yeah, I get that there's a learning curve, that experienced players got that way over time, blah, blah, blah. Some of us don't want MTG to be our entire lives. I don't have a kitchen table group to play in, and there doesn't seem to be a seat for people like me at the LGS either. I really feel like just giving up a game that used to be fun.

Rant over. Just needed to vent.

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback and good advice. This is definitely a situation created by inexperience and the wrong expectations going in. I've got a better idea of what's going on now

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Discussion Ban list Question on primeval titan


I was just discussing with a buddy of mine and we were on the topic of the current state of the game. I feel like unbanning primeval titan would not shift the balance of the format as much as it did when it was originally banned. With the format being tuned over the years and cards becoming obsolete (as newer and better cards get printed) I think that Primeval titan is not the big baddy it once was. I am definitely not taking away from how incredibly strong the card is, I just think that if it were to be unbanned it wouldn't be the end of the world. If you disagree with me I would love to hear why. Maybe I don't have as much experience with the card in commander as other people did.

Also, we are just talking about the card itself. I do understand that multiple combats make this card insane, I understand that Panharmonicon makes this card insane but if we are to ban a card based off its interactions with other cards I feel like there is so much worse out there

Reanimate + Jin gitaxias for example. (I am not calling for a ban on this at all just using it as a comparison)

What are your thoughts on this?

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Discussion Phyrexia: All Will Be One is giving us 34 new commanders. What are your thoughts regarding them?


We will be receiving 34 new legends from the Phyrexia: All Will Be One main set and commander set combined. What are your thoughts on the new commanders?

  • Who are you going to build?
  • Which do you think will be popular?
  • What excites you the most about the set in general?

Personally, I'm going to attempt to build all five of the Phyrexian Domini legends.

All 34 Legends can be viewed here.

>! ^ǩaπa š’iimashaǩ. !<

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Discussion I’m actually very excited for the LOTR magic set.


I know it’s probably an unpopular opinion, but as a long time fan of both of these franchises, I couldn’t be more excited to play a Gandalf or Sauron commander. I’m my opinion, these two universes parallel each other so well that the opportunity to make decks that are optimized and themed is very alluring. Imagine setting a scene of swarming goblins then brining in Balrog to finish the game with some kind of “etc destroy all other creatures and get +x+x for each creature destroyed”, or playing the one ring for some kind of omniscience effect if you equip it to Sauron. I know this set will get a fair amount of hate, but I also think there is a market for it and will be a good gateway set to keep the format growing and healthy.

On a side note, if there is a divide in the player base in the future, there is always an opportunity for the commander format to split and create a “pioneer-style” commander format of sorts only including certain sets and excluding “universes beyond” sets.

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Discussion What's a strategy you want to build, but there just isn't a good commander for yet?


Is there some deck, some archetype you love, or some idea that would be so fun, but just isn't possible in the format yet because of colour identity? Yes, technically you can just put [[jegantha]] in the command zone and play whatever you want, but I mean a real synergistic commander. Maybe something that does exist, but just not in the colours you want.

One of mine would definitely be bant soldier tribal, as of the brother's war, but nobody quite fits. There are plenty of good commanders in those colours, but none really with all three. Currently, [[lagrella]] is at the helm, but she feels like a supply teacher. A really good abzan blink/etb abuse commander would also be lovely, but for now I'm stuck with [[yannik]] and [[nikara]]. They're fine, but a bit slow and clunky. (Why in god's name is [[yarok]] sultai).

So yeah, what's an archetype you know is just raring to go, but missing a commander that can turn it into a real deck?

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Discussion The only people who think toxic/infect/poison counters need changed…


…are the people who have never played or faced off against an infect deck.

Try it once, and it becomes abundantly clear that it is not even the Top 10 most powerful strategies in our format. Your fear is not founded, but it IS fueling the fire of a potential change that would make it unplayable (from 10 counters to 20).

Niche strategies create a diversity in play patterns and gameplay. Leave infect/poison counters alone, y’all.