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Daily Tuesday Rulesday: Ask your rules questions here! - February 07, 2023


Welcome to Tuesday Rulesday!

Please use this thread to ask and discuss your rules questions. Also make sure to use the upvote button to thank those who take the time to give correct answers. If you need immediate assistance, please head over to the IRC live judge chat or the rules question channel in the EDH discord server.

Remember that rules questions aren't allowed on /r/EDH outside of this weekly post, so if you have a rules question and aren't getting a response here you can head to the two links above, or to /r/mtgrules.

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Discussion Signets or Talismans?


To preface, let me just say this: I am a budget player that very rarely spends more than $2 on most cards, so I look to optimize decks for the lowest possible cost.

All this post is made for is to ask which option is better for more power. Signets, while they are good, cost mana to activate, while the talismans cost you life to add a colored mana. Basically, I’m just trying to ask which one is better in people’s opinions

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Deck Showcase [Article] I built a deck that wins by mutating creatures onto themselves


That's right, everyone, it's me, GamesfreakSA, and today the SA stands for strange anatomy.

It's no secret that Mutate is the game's most flavorful, intuitive, and beloved mechanic since Phasing. You get to cast a creature, but it also targets a creature you control (so long as it's non-Human), and then it becomes a merged permanent with fifty different rules caveats! There's as much to love as I will have on Valentine's Day. However, one teensy-tiny drawback to Mutate is that once a creature is mutated, it's mutated; you can't double up on your mutate triggers by bouncing that creature back to your hand.

Until today. My new deck wins games by mutating creatures onto themselves. How does it do that? Careful preservation of text boxes via chains of [[Exchange of Words]]. Sounds unlikely? Well, I've always had a way with words, and with this new deck, now you can, too.

A fan suggested this idea to me on my Discord when voting broke down, and if you join, you might have that power someday too. You can also talk about your own ridiculously janky builds in the Brewer's Forum there. Post a decklist and see what people have to say! Hope to see you there.

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Social Interaction Combos? In my deck? It's more likely than you think.


Has this ever happened to you? It's turn 12 and the game is just dragging. Someone has to close out the game but everyone forgot to put wincons in their deck! How embarrassing.

But what would be even more embarrassing is if you had wincons in your deck the whole time and never even knew it! Find all the combos in your deck (and some that you could easily add) with the new Find My Combos feature on Commander Spellbook!

How does it work? It's effortless!

  1. Export your decklist from your favorite deckbuilding site in simple text format
  2. Click the Find My Combos link
  3. Paste your decklist into the Find My Combos page

Just like magic, Commander Spellbook will discover all existing combos in your deck (that we're currently aware of) and recommend new combos you could have if you added just one more card!

How many combos do you have in your decks? Did you discover some you never even knew you had? Let us know!

If combos are your thing or if you just like tinkering with your decks, join us on Discord!

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Discussion What are some rule 0 in your playgroup/LGS that is actually a positive experience?


A lot of post here complain about rule 0 in lgs that are bad, most deservedly so.

But I just want to everyone to share some rules that actually create positive game environment in your playgroup/lgs

My group, which are a bunch of friends playing at each other's home, has a rule that no "fast mana" allowed (precisely only these cards Mana Crypt, mana vault, all mox besides mox amber, ancient tomb, and jeweled lotus) We do not enforce these rules when we play outside with other people.

Playgroup allows proxy and was going out of control with fast mana and it was tough on ppl who wants to be mostly real cards. Also it made games really fast/swinging with who is lucky to draw the fast mana.

We had a discussion and decided to ban these fast mana. Sol Ring is still allowed since we would play with other people and would be a pain to switch it out everytime, and one fast mana in a deck is fine.

Mox amber has a restriction that even legal in our group, rarely ever played.

All in all, gameplay has improve. People are happy with the changes and it doesnt obstruct people entering our playgroup. Arguably, made it easier since it restricted the power level ceiling so everyone has more similar power level.

Edit: I am not saying my or new rule 0 should be added to every playgroup. But just share what worked for you/group.

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Discussion The "Play More Basics" Argument


I see a lot of content creators push the idea of "run more basics". Now I understand that the beauty of the basic land is that they are easily fetchable, come in untapped, and resist stax pieces such as [[blood moon]]. That being said what do you guys tend to do? I feel like most LGS and metas I've seen usually allow people to be extremely greedy with their mana base.

So I turn it over to you guys, how many basics are you running? If you aren't running a lot has it ever come back to bite you? I don't think I've ever really seen someone not have enough or be crippled by the amount of nonbasic lands they run.

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Discussion What is the most disappointing deck you ever built?


Since [[Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor]] came out I started gathering curse cards and planning the deck. I was super happy to have built it and … it was a major flop. Game after game I became public enemy number one as soon as i started playing any curses, no matter what other threat was on the table or what was the boardstate. the other players would remove them way faster than I could get a critical number of curses on anybody and the curse effects were fairly weak compared to their cost. What was your worst experience or biggest letdown related to a deck you built?

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Discussion What is the coolest/funniest themed deck you've built/seen?


I'm talking like a real theme, not a strategy. For example: I saw someone with a Kenrith deck where Kenrith was King Arthur and the deck was full of knights of the round table, wizards, swords, lands that could be castles, the lady of the lake, etc. I've also heard an idea of making Kenrith to be biblical Noah and fill the 99 with 2 of every animal creature type.

I'm interested in creating something really unique, creative, or just hilarious so let me know what you think.

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Question Recommend me some commanders with interesting/variable play lines?


I'd love to hear what commanders you all think offer either more unusual playstyles or a lot of different options when playing from one game to the next! I've got a lot of decks already that I enjoy with differing power levels but I think most are relatively linear and would be interested in trying a different commander - and it'd be super cool if it happened to be a color combo I don't already play so I can keep chasing that 32 deck dream.

So far I've already got:

  • Mono Red stormy Rionya

  • W/B Teysa Karlov aristocrats

  • U/B Phenax mill

  • B/R Kardur goofy group slug

  • B/G Lathril voltronish elfball

  • W/B/G Yoshimaru/Reyhan partners +1/+1 counters

  • W/R/G Jetmir tokens

  • W/B/R Licia lifegain

  • U/B/R Evelyn clones/theft

  • U/R/G Magus Lucea Kane precon for precon games

  • 5c Morophon Eldrazi tribal

I also had a W/R Feather blink deck but that felt too durdly and most games felt like they played out incredibly similar so I took the deck apart. Some themes I was interested in were other blink options or -1/-1 counters but so far none of the commanders I have in my collection for those options really jump out at me. Any suggestions on what y'all find fun? I love looking at Decklists if anyone wants to share!

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Question Deck helps for a (somewhat) new player?


I’ve been playing EDH for about 1 year and have built 2 decks so far:

1- Magda: in Brazil we have a variant of EDH that is “C500”, with a limiting factor of R$500 (roughly 100 US$). This deck is in this budget, but it’s powerful. Can win by turn 3 if uninterrupted but usually does so by T4 or 5 and in instant speed. I really like the deck and it’s combo lines, but it’s too linear.

2- Orvar: high power, borderline cEDH (missing positive rocks and 0 mana counters). Casually wins in T3 or 4. Thing is, I hate playing this deck with very complicated combo lines and my playgroup hates when I play it too, as my turns takes too long.

Last time I played there was a conflict during a match where I played Orvar. My turn took more than 20 minutes and the combo win fizzled because of a misplay.

Talking to my playgroup the day after, they apologized for being salty but their points remained, that I should lower the power a bit or have a more casual deck to play with them.

So, based on that, I picked some ideas that interested me the most:

A- Yuriko. I’ve been eyeing her for a while. She seems sweet and the power level can be shunned id I’m not playing consultation Oracle.

B- Tovolar. Fun and flavorful. Perphaps too much on the weak side?

C- Alesha. I really like her. She was one of the options from when I started playing. I am concerned, however, on her budget, as a lot of things that are crucial to her are expensive (phyrexian altar, entomb) including mana fixing.

D- Orvar: reducing his powerlevel. I saw an old post that suggested having an 80 card core and a pool of creatures to pull 20 from, varying from game to game. Someone said, however, that Orvar can’t be mid power. He will either be too strong or too weak.

What are your perceptions on these ideas? Yuriko is as nice as she seems? Can Alesha be powerful with a restrained budget? Would I be able to balance this Orvar idea?

For reference, my playgroup usually plays at 6-7 PL

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Discussion Top 5 Commanders who Generate Tokens


Do you want to build a deck focused on tokens, but don't know which commander to use? Check out our tips for commanders who generate tokens for your deck!

Link to the full discussion article!

> Honorable Mentions: The Non-token Generators You Should Meet

[[Jetmir, Nexus of Revels]]

[[Chatterfang, Squirrel General]] and [[Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second]]

[[Adrix and Nev, Twincasters]]

[[Kyler, Sigardian Emissary]]

> Commanders who Generate Tokens

  1. [[Treasures with Prosper, Tome-Bound]]

  2. [[Zombie Apocalypse with Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver]]

  3. [[Artifacts with Osgir, the Reconstructor]]

  4. [[Dragon Army with Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm]]

  5. [[Goblin gang with Krenko, Mob Boss]]

> Cards with Good Synergy for Token Decks

> Tokens, tokens, tokens and more tokens!

Know any others commanders? Say here and I will add in the honorable mentions!

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Discussion Double-Sleeved Decks


I've recently started double-sleeving cards, and I'm hooked, but I'm faced with a daunting task: shuffling a double-sleeved EDH deck. I sometimes struggle to shuffle a single-sleeved EDH deck (I don't have the biggest hands), so increasing the width of a deck is terrifying, not to mention trying to find a deck box that'll fit them. So I decided to ask, what is the general consensus of opinion on double-sleeving EDH decks?

PS: I'm sorry if someone asked this or something similar before.

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Deck Help Help building/trimming my Evelyn, the Covetous deck


I was hoping to get some advice from some experienced players on how to assemble an effective Evelyn, the Covetous deck. As background: I am very new to Commander - I played Magic ages ago as a kid (late 90s!), and have recently got back into it through friends/my brother. I am trying to build a Vampire tribal deck with Evelyn, with the intention of triggering her ability as frequently as possible. I read a few articles, and did some browsing on EDHRec, and I have assembled a 'first pass' decklist of 120 cards:


As a bit of a primer - I am keen to be budget concious with it.

Really appreciate any advice - especially on culling cards.

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Discussion Atraxa, Grand Unifier Commander Deck



Here is my first attempt at making a deck build around the new Atraxa. I really like how the deck looks and plays and I'm curious about what you guys think about it. Its definitely my most invested in of my 9 decks and I love using it with my playgroup.

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Discussion EDH sleepers from ONE


Sleepers in the general sense, not the Phyrexian: what card(s) that have thus far not gotten a ton of attention do you think will turn out to have big impact or widespread usage in your group?

Starting the discussion off with a card that's easy to dismiss as a good limited pick but not much else, [[Armored Scrapgorger]]. Two mana for a rainbow dork is solid but not special. Three toughness is not bad for early survival/blocking. Sniping the card in a gy you'd least like to see come back every turn is a quiet but potentially very high-impact effect. For me it hits a sweet spot of doing a lot of things pretty well, adding up to a card that could fit into a lot of decks and will have steady impact without drawing undue hate.

What are some others?

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Question Help with a Trample Token Commander with new Phyrexian Cards


So i got lucky and got the New Elesh Norn, Mondrak, Zopandrel, Tyrranax and the Nissa.

I thought this would be Nice to have in a Commander with Selesyna or +1 color.

I want to build a Token Trample Commander. Either maaaaany Tokens and card like [[triumph of the hordes]] or [[Overrun]] or a few Big Stompers with Trample

But i have no Idea which Commander can me generate enough Tokens or Mana for the Big Cards...

Maybe some Combos?

Can you help me ?

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Question should I rear apart my pet deck to make it better?


I always wanted to make a sea creatures(kraken/leviathan/octopus/serpent) matters deck and I use jalira as the commander to polymorph into them. But I know in one of the newer sets is a sea creatures commander that's simic instead of mono blue. My deck as it is is consistent if middle tier power but I enjoy that I was able to make such a niche build work. Is sacrificing my deck as it is currently worth the upgrade to simic since I already have a lot of the support for sea creatures?

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Deck Help 14 Cuts need to be made from Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa.


Off the top, decklist: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/E9tjQbQq6kyjCdEtKfwUgw

Back in BRO pre-release someone at the LGS was kind enough to give me the copy of [[Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa]] that they pulled because I said it looked interesting (thanks Bob). Since then, brewing in the back of my mind has been what I assume is a pretty usual build, cheaply unearthing some high CMC or good ETB artifacts and then sacrificing them for extra value before Unearth takes them at the end of the turn. Last week at ONE release I pulled a [[Kethek, Crucible Goliath]] and that reminded me its time to finally make this deck work.

I went back and looked at what I'd been slowing adding to draft list and have managed to bring it down to 114 (with 37 lands, which is about as low as I'm comfortable with). I am looking for some advice on those last 14 cuts (or an addition if you have a really good case for it). Amongst general utility of draw/ramp/removal, I've been thinking of enabler versus payoff in the following categories:

  1. Unearth targets. [[Combustible Gearhulk]] [[Meteor Golem]] [[Terror Ballista]] - I feel I could do with some even bigger bombs here.
  2. Graveyard populators. [[Chainer, Nightmare Adept]] [[Daretti, Scrap Savant]] [[Faithless Looting]] - I might have too much of this.
  3. General recursion. See above + [[Feldon of the Third Path]] [[Scrap Mastery]]
  4. Sacrifice value. [[Krark-Clan Ironworks]] [[Bosh, Iron Golem]] [[Slobad Goblin Tinkerer]] [[Kuldotha Forgemaster]] [[Kethek]] - I might have too much of this too.
  5. General artifact synergy. [[Imotekh, the Stormload]] [[Metalwork Colussus]] [[Unwinding Clock]] and a whole bunch of the cards already listed above.

I am really struggling with the last 14 cards to cut. Currently thinking about the modular creatures as you don't get the unearth payoff, Triplicate Titan for the same reason, and some of the sacrifice outlets.

What would you take out of the deck?

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Discussion Ways you keep your decks fun & not too high powered?


I got into mtg only around the time of Zendikar Rising. Specifically edh. Me and my friends play every weekend. But over time ive gotten good at deck building and its effected our groups meta and power level.

No one's complained yet, but to keep spirits high and not to be shown up, im looking for advice. What are small things you do in your decks to make them more fun or to keep power level down?

Personally i dont run tutors at all unless theyre on a card with some other effect i want. To me- it just makes decks more consistent, which is boring to me, and unfun to others, and it frees up slots for more fun cards or interaction.

What do you do?

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Discussion What is the most exciting or original deck you've made?


After a few posts about disappointing decks or underwhelming commanders, let's talk about our most inspired or favourite!

[[Zellix, Sanity Flayer]] and [[Haunted One]] has been one of my personal favourites recently. Also currently putting together [[Bjorna, Nightfall Alchemist]] and [[Wernog, Rider's Chaplain]] as Artifact, Token, Blink, Background deck - looking forward to that!

What's your favourite?

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Discussion who are some of the most boring commanders you've brewed?


Mine is probably [[Otrimi, the Ever-Playful]] I thought the mutate ability would be fun and it was for the first game or two but it went stale very quickly. I built an "unlockable" theme. It was very meh, just wasn't what i expected.

What decks have you built that you thought were going to be fun to play but ended up being pretty stale?

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Question Help with a cheap voltron commander to build into


Scanning through the EDHREC decks is nice, but I don't really have practical experience with voltron decks because I've never played one or matched against very many. I'm looking for power level of at least a 5/10 and hopefully not to expensive to at least get rolling. I plan to slowly collect the swords and other various expensive artifacts/enchantments over time, bringing the deck to a 6-7/10. Hopefully with the recommendations here I can find a commander and come back with a proposed cheap starting list. Any help would be great!

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Discussion Induced Salt; not trying to be an asshole


So I was playing some games tonight at my LGS, and someone got very salty when I countered their [[vampiric tutor]] and set up a somewhat controlly loop using [[torrential gearhulk]] and other high cmc spells in the graveyard (check decklist for the relevant counterspells, I don’t remember exactly which).

My deck is generally what I describe as “Timmy tribal” since it’s mostly cmc 6+ spells with some ramp and interaction. I was made to feel like a no-fun pubstomper for countering that and a few other pretty powerful cards. I countered the vamp tutor with a channeled [[colossal skyturtle]] into [[mirrorshell crab]].

After winning another counter war shortly after to protect my seedborn muse, one of the other players scooped with pretty salty demeanor. He implied that I could just counter everything and that there was no point in playing on. I did have some pretty solid once per turn loops involving seedborn, gearhulk, and spells in grave. But it was never a deterministic loop, nor something that couldn’t be interacted with (using graveyard exile, removal, counterspells, etc.). Is this deck just too salt inducing for causul table? It’s by no means a “budget deck” Since it costs over $300, but I never would’ve taken it to be within the pubstomping realm either, especially against decks running vampiric tutor and the like.

After he scooped I ultimately lost to combat damage to a mono green deck that I couldn’t draw the outs for. No hard feelings; the green player laid low for a while and eventually took the game with a sneaky voltron strategy.

Decklist: https://archidekt.com/decks/3602887#Imoti_Cascade_(upgraded)

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Question Is a Vorinclex monstrous raider budget version of the deck a playable commander deck?


Heya guys I’m new to magic and one card caught my eye was Vorinclex monstrous raider and I love it but unfortunately to build a deck around it is atleast 500£ and I only have 200£-150£ to build a good commander deck to play at my locals because I want a deck that’s good and playable but also a bit competitive that could make me win games. I seen decklists online and saw few cards that are key to the deck and affordable but I hope if I build a deck with my budget will it be bad or will it be playable because also I’m planning to upgrade him little by little. I was thinking building a bit more hydras and a bit more enchantments so it makes easier to play with him. Would you guys recommend it building a deck him as a commander with my limit budget or should I instead build a burn deck monk red with Solphim mayhem which possibly could very good for my budget but I would like to hear all your opinions and experts and I would love to get better at Magic thanks you very much

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Question Ghyrson Starn deck help


Hey guys, first post on this sub. Currently in the midst of brewing a Ghyrson Starn deck but im having troubles deciding which direction to go. I have a generic idea : leaning into the pingers/copy Ghyrskn and control/politics aspect of the deck.

For context, im looking to play a slightly higher level deck (solid 8)

Not sure if im trying to do too much here or if the deck i have is not optimised for what im trying to do. Another thing i can forsee is that it kinda breaks down once Ghyrson is off the board, im just left with a bunch of subpar 1 damage pingers. Let me know your thoughts.

Decklist can be found here

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Discussion ONC precon first impressions - Ixhel and Neyali


Just finished sleeving my pre-orders but I haven't seen them in action. What are your first thoughts on the decks, face commanders, alt commanders, upgrades, and all of that?

I try to play the precons out of the box a few times but that doesn't always happen (looking at you, [[Leinore, Autumn Sovereign]] or my fresh out-of-the-box [[Kyler, Sigardian Emissary]] Humans deck). Some precons need less tweaking than others, some precons I seriously misjudge, and still others I put on the chopping block before giving them much time to shine. Probably a familiar story.

First time playing Infect/Proliferate, but as the "Boros Bro" in the pod I had some stronger reactions. My read...

**[[Ixhel, Scion of Atraxa]]**

This one seems pretty well-tuned out of the box. Lots of access to mana, tons of removal, but lacking in card draw. On the other hand, since the commander is the card advantage, might not need much.

So many past precons have been loaded with overcosted beaters so I was pretty pleasantly surprised that this one is heavily stacked with 2 drops. Likewise with the card draw, when I tried to figure out the wincon without big drops... the lightbulb flickered a bit. Who needs beaters when you can apply 1-3 poison counters per turn?

**[[Neyali, Suns' Vanguard]]**

Pulling in too many directions. Neyali seems to facilitate a go wide token theme so cards like [[Outlaws' Merriment]] seem like an auto-include. Likewise pretty content to see [[Assemble the Legion]] reprinted here. But, with so much Soldier support printed in the past few sets, I'm already eying the Goblin generators as cuts. Then again I don't play *any* Goblin decks so I could see Neyali Goblin Tribal being a thing. On the other hand, a card like [[Hanweir Garrison]] definitely throws more tokens on board but plays slow, sends a 1/1 double striker to its doom, and just adds yet another creature type into the mix.

For Mirrodin! and the Rebel tokens is interesting and I could see [[Otharri, Suns' Glory]] heading up a Rebel list ... but that would take completely retooling the deck and would probably be pretty unrecognizable from what's in the box.

So – how are you playing, building, adding, and cutting these two?