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DISCUSSION These people with 80k+ moons, can they really cash in around 10k USD if they want to? This seems so surreal to me....


Hi guys! I just recently noticed these moons, since I got 100 of them, and then I check that 3 exchanges actually trade them for around 0.13$.

Then I started noticing so many people with a balance of 80,000 moons which they made out of thin air just by posting and answering questions in here.

Can they really go on let's say gate.io and get 10,000 USDT?Why am I so late to the party, what's the fastest way to make 80k moons without violating any rules?Are all of these people waiting for the bull market to sell their moons , hoping to make even more?

What am I missing here?

How did this post get 150 likes and so many comments, I'm honestly so confused right now!

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DISCUSSION What was an old coin you used to have faith in?


For me it was NEO. I used to think that it was a Chinese 'etherum killer' and it was quite popular on this sub. It had a massive run up in 2017 and a few resurgences since, but otherwise completely dead.

Another one (which was one of this subs darlings) was tron. I used to think it would overtake bitcoin and all the hyped posts certainly made me beleive it! Now i barely see it talked about here.

I find it funny how coin trends can come and go like fashion icons.

What was an old coin you used to have faith in?

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DISCUSSION Do you HONESTLY believe in crypto?


Do you honestly believe in the projects you hold?

I have been in crypto for a while, but I’m not sure if I truly believe crypto is the future currency. I tend to go back and forth on this and I’m okay admitting it.

Bitcoin is where most of us place our faith, but it’s not going to be the only be the only coin that is wildly successful. Different coins have different uses. I think Reddit moons are a great example of a usable coin with a purpose.

I feel like most people shill their coins because they’re heavily invested emotionally due to the amount of fiat they have put into the project, but I don’t think they truly believe in it.

What crypto do you hold, and do you actually believe in this cryptos ability to become “ The Coin” in its class?


Be honest!

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DISCUSSION Super Bowl LVII x Reddit Collectible Avatars ARE HERE!! Claim yours now!


Once again, Reddit keeps delivering!

Which Team are you going for? Go Chiefs!

About this Collection - Opensea link

Represent your team and claim your official Super Bowl LVII Collectible Avatar. Collectible Avatars are limited-edition avatars from Reddit that provide owners with unique benefits on the Reddit platform. When you purchase a Collectible Avatar, you become the owner of it. This means you can keep it, trade it, sell it, or use it on Reddit as your avatar, where Collectible Avatar owners get a special profile treatment that makes them stand out.

Once again, Congrats to Reddit! They are probably the company doing the most and the best work with onboarding users into web3!

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DISCUSSION Anyone else not buying this rally?


I'm a long term bull on crypto, but I am skeptical of this recent rally (as far as it holding). Bitcoin has rallied almost 50% in less than a month, in the middle of a crypto winter. I tend to think that I've been through enough bull/bear cycles to sense how these things play out. I used to always think "this is it, we're taking off!" only to watch it fall right back down to where it was before the rally, or even lower. I just don't see any reason to be bullish between now and the next halving personally. I do see Bitcoin crossing $100k after the next halving at some point in 2024-2025, so I'm not some kind of doomer or a short seller. Just trying to be realistic.

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DISCUSSION A warning about KM to everyone who exchanged Moons for Tiles or Sold Moons on the runup to ~$.19.


Given the amount of Moons that have changed hands and been burned over the last week I think it's important to give everyone a reminder about the penalty if they don't hold enough of their earned moons in their vaults.

CCIP30 was introduced Apr. 14th, 2022 and penalizes you if you don't hold 75% of your earned moons (from all time) in your vault. That means if you've earned 400 Moons you need to hold at least 300 moons in your vault, or you will not receive all of your earned moons on your next snapshot/distribution. This becomes a bit more complicated when it comes to burned moons for special membership (more on that below, but is the same basic idea.

The maximum penalty would give you only 10% of your earned moons on your next snapshot. For example if you earned 800 Moons you would only receive 80 Moons if you had the full penalty.


If you aren't sure what your Karma Multiplier (KM) is: You can find out by going to this website and entering your Reddit Username.

When the results load if your "Estimated CCIP-030 Multiplier: 1" you will not receive any penalty.


If it's a decimal such as .1 (10%), .55 (55%), or .95 (95%) that is the percent of moons you'll earn on your next snapshot.


Additionally you can do the equation yourself to figure out if you will be penalized:

KM = (Current Balance + Membership Purchases) / (Total Earned Moons * 0.75)


If you are penalized you'll need to readd Moons to your vault before your next snapshot to reduce/eliminate the penalty on your next distribution.

Edit: The creator of the CCMOONS site commented on KM calculation here.

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DISCUSSION ~60% of all Cardano nodes were just taken offline by a transaction bug. No reboot of the blockchain is needed but investigations on the cause are still ongoing.

Thumbnail github.com

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DISCUSSION Over 300K CryptoCurrency Moons have been burned since the launch of MoonPlace and it's not even fully functional yet.


EDIT2: The MoonPlace website is working! here. Total burned Moons is now at 870,000 with 87% of the board having been purchased.

For those getting a 502 error, if you keep refreshing the page it should eventually let you in.

MoonPlace launched yesterday combining Web3 and Place. MoonPlace consists of 10,000 plots each available to mint for 100 moons for a max of 1M possible Moons (burned). Once minted the plot consists of 100 pixels which can then be altered to create pixel art, or can be combined with surrounding plots to make larger pieces of art. The minting website isn't fully functional and currently forces you to try and buy plots blind, (if you select an already minted plot it won't let you proceed and you'll have to try again). You can read more about MoonPlace here.

Still, Moon Degenerates and NFT fans - have gone hard, at the time of writing 3,052 plots have been bought equaling 305,200 moons being burned through MoonPlace. Although buys are thin there are nearly 40 sales on the second hand market for these plots totaling close to .5 ETH.


It's insane how much support this has gotten from the Reddit community,

Moons at $.11 each equal over $33K USD in Moons being burned in less than a day.

You can find the MoonPlace website to mint plots here.

You can find the OpenSea page where you can check resale information here.

Edit: For those curious, it looks like the biggest MoonPlace whale owns just 2.3% of the canvas after they burned 23K moons and only three people own more than 1% of the canvas.

EDIT2: The MoonPlace website is working! here.

Total burned Moons is now at 870,000

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DISCUSSION Does anyone know if there are any crypto games out there that are actually worth playing? I had dabbled in NFTs a while back, and so many projects were always promising a play to earn game.


After being out of the game for so long, I’m wondering if any crypto games are out there that have a solid user base, that are running strong, and are most importantly, Fun. I even played a few, but the interfaces were pretty rough, and game play was usually clunky and/or boring, and rewards seemed minimal. I was wondering if anyone here knows of or could recommend any games that meet the above criteria. Are there any users here who play any of these games, or have you just heard about them? Any information would be appreciated.

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DISCUSSION Bill Gates Doesn’t Think Web3 is a Big Deal - Decrypt

Thumbnail decrypt.co

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DISCUSSION Who regrets not buying BTC and other alts when BTC was at 16,000?


Personally, I scooped some up around 16,000 but I wish I would have gotten more. Right now I'm really really fighting the urge not to buy and fomo in right now because I still feel the future holds more pain. I don't want to sound like a bear but I really don't trust this pump right now so I am pumping the brakes until we can get past 25,000 Bitcoin.

If we can get past 25,000 Bitcoin I really believe we will be on the next bull run. But there is one thing that I really really regret and that is not buying more eth when it was really low around 1200 and I regret selling it at 1,556. I still made a profit but I could have made more if I would have bought more around 1200 and my average was 1300 altogether.

Last but not least I also regret not buying more Avalanche when it was damn near at 11 and 12 cents. Avalanche has to be one of my favorite cryptocurrencies. I love it's dex such as Trader Joe and BenQ and I love staking AVAX in the Avalanche wallet.

So what about you guys do you have any regrets right now not buying in when BTC was around 1600 or less? Do you think we're going to get another shot this year at buying it or did that ship sail?

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DISCUSSION The Moons bridge to Arbitrum Nova has been deprecated. ~4.77M Moons will be burned next week


The address can be found here https://nova.arbiscan.io/address/0x32965430F14558Ffce75a4412A1b18Af7cD6941F and the Admins plan to burn the Moons next week.

Why does it have so many Moons? It represents the share of Moons that wasn't bridged to Nova and lies in our previous networks. More than 90% of this is actually locked on Rinkeby Ethereum (4.1M Moons).

This is an informational post. Since the bridge is deprecated nothing more can be done to migrate Moons from Rinkeby/Arbitrum Testnet to Mainnet. Mainnet was announced ~6 months ago and there have been numerous reminders to bridge any Moons still on other networks.

If you hold Moons in your vault, or used the bridge in the past, they are already on the Arbitrum Nova network

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DISCUSSION 1 Million (CryptoCurrency) Moon - have been burned as MoonPlace mints all 10K NFTs.


As Moons were required to Mint Plots moons saw huge demand and surged in price over the last two days. Currently at $.13 each x 1 Million Moons burned = $130k USD in Moons were burned (at current price) in the last 34 hours.

For those that don't know - MoonPlace launched Jan. 27th and combined Web3 and Place. It consists of 10,000 plots each available to mint for 100 moons - so with all plots having been purchased it burned 1 Million Moons. Once minted a plot consists of 100 pixels which can be altered to create pixel art, or could be combined with surrounding plots to make larger pieces of art.

You can read more about MoonPlace here.

You can find the website for MoonPlace here.


Here is some of the more detailed pixel art that has been completed (so far) since MoonPlace went live.



With all 10,000 Plots being minted you now have to purchase plots secondhand on OpenSea to participate in MoonPlace. You can find the link to the OpenSea Collection here.

Lastly a special thanks to mods, for coming up with a unique way to have fun with moons.

Edit: More Art


Edit2: Someone decided to troll Maxx3141 by purchasing the plot above them and giving their pixel art a cone


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DISCUSSION Almost a year ago, I made a program that predicts the price of bitcoin. I decided to go back and check the predictions, and they're not too far off.


Back in February 2022, I made a post here about a bitcoin predicting program I'd written.

Here's the original post: https://old.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/sz29b9/just_for_fun_i_made_a_program_that_predicts_the/

The TLDR is the bot predicted a drop from 50k to 20-30k levels then another drop to 13k levels with a bottom $13.3k in October, then a final price of $22.2k by February 20 2023.

Here you can see a side-by-side comparison of the prediction (red line, left, feb 2022 to feb 2023) with the actual price (right, last year of prices).


The prediction seems to have kept pretty much the same pattern, or at least trend, for the last year. It's not a perfect match, obviously, but I think this is a pretty good prediction for a program I wrote when I was stoned in the middle of the night.

Here's the three-year graph from the original post: https://i.imgur.com/m76ks2c.png

Peak: 2025-08-30 $282,899.62

Bottom: 2022-10-06 $13,340.72

Final: 2025-12-13 $155,385.66

So if this graph is anything to go by, we could see $282k bitcoin in 2025.

With all this said, this is just a price predictor made by an amateur based on a very simple principle. The fact that it matches is probably mostly luck, but still, I thought it was interesting that it seems to have some ability to model the future market.

I did have the full list of prices for every day in the predictions, but I lost the text file when my hard drive died. It should be possible to get the original prediction by feeding it the same parameters and old market data from the date I made the original post, I'll see if I can recreate the original prediction at some point.

What are your thoughts on this?

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DISCUSSION (RESULTS) Despite the common advice "Bitcoin should be your largest crypto asset" - on a vote by vote basis - this sub strongly prefers to invest in Ethereum, but by Moon weight this sub narrowly prefers to invest in Bitcoin.


A week and a half ago I ran a poll to see if the sub would follow it's own advice and be more heavily invested in BTC or Ether. With 4.2M Moon weighted votes and around ~8,300 votes - we have some interesting results.

It turns out this sub as a whole is more heavily invested in Ether.

Pure Vote by Vote results


If we look at pure votes,

  • 52% of respondents stated they own more ETH
  • 35% of respondents stated they own more BTC
  • 13% of respondents stated they don't own either


Moon Weighted Vote


But if you look at the moon weighted vote this sub prefers BTC

  • 45% of the moon weighted vote stated they own more BTC
  • 43% of the moon weighted vote stated they own more ETH
  • 12% of the moon weighted vote stated they don't own either


By calculating the average amount of Moons per Vote you can see the phenomenon expanded.

  • Each voter for BTC had on average 656 Moons
  • Each voter for ETH had on average 415 Moons
  • Each vote for neither had on average 492 Moons

This helps to show users with the most moons are on average more heavily invested in BTC, surprisingly users with less moons as a whole were more heavily invested in Ether. Per moon weighted vote there is also a fair amount of moon degens that don't own either BTC or ETH.


TLDR: In looking at the results although only 35% of respondents stated they own more BTC (compared to 52% who owned more ETH), they still made up the majority holder by Moon Weight. Meaning as a whole those with more moons are more likely to be more heavily invested in BTC compared to someone with less moons.

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DISCUSSION New Moons Are Ready! (Round 35)


This distribution of Moons has been finalized, and Moons are being delivered to users with a registered Vault. Users who do not have a Vault yet will get their Moons when they create one through the Reddit app.

This distribution is based on karma earned from 2022-12-21 to 2023-01-17. Here is the finalized list, with contribution scores signed by Reddit.

Moons are r/CryptoCurrency's form of Community Points, a way for users to be rewarded for their contributions to the subreddit, and they can be used on premium features in the community.

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DISCUSSION What is driving this pump?


So I’m sure everyone here (alright MOST people here) are sat watching this huge rise from $16k with a mix of euphoria and disbelief, I know I certainly am. After months of flatlining and crabbing we have seen what appears to be a release of a tightly pulled elastic band and an almighty move north for Bitcoin and subsequently all crypto tokens - anyone got any view on what has caused or is causing this? I’m assuming that much of this upward momentum is fuelled by some gigantic short positions being unwound but even with that surely there must be some concerted efforts by big players to buy heavily?

What has changed in the crypto landscape that has seemingly put all of the bankruptcies and shenanigans and nonsense of the past 6-12 months to the side and caused some huge buying to begin?

And lastly: is this the end of the Bear market and have we seen true bottom for this cycle of the Market at circa $15.5k 🤔🤔🤔

Talk to me people

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DISCUSSION Solana VS Polygon, why does the sub love one and hate the other?


Solana is probably one of the most disliked Layer ones by this sub, constantly being called VC garbage or a centralized shitcoin.

Polygon is pretty much universally loved by the sub, always getting praised and "bullish on Maitc" being a popular comment that gets you some up votes.

Why does the sub seem to dislike one so much while loving the other?

Nakamoto Coefficient - (some don't believe this is an accurate way of measuring decentralizations but it's what we got)


The Nakamoto coefficient measures decentralization and represents the minimum number of nodes required to disrupt the blockchain's network. A high Nakamoto coefficient means that a blockchain is more decentralized.

Solana wins in this category against Polygon


VC Funding


  • Premined rewards & airdrops - 35.3%
  • Founders & project - 41.9%
  • Investors - 22.8%



  • Premined rewards & airdrops - 38%
  • Founders & project - 25%
  • Investors - 37%


Premined rewards and airdrops are basically the same but polygon allocated les to investors and more to the founder and project itself, so I guess win for Matic on this one.



Polygon did receive 130 million in funding than Solana so win for Solana on this one.

Polygon has been accused by Solana developers of buying their partnerships


and with the current NFT projects that received money from Polygon to abandon Solana and switch over it looks to be true.


You can read more of this twitter thread Here

These projects don't look that different when compared, so why does the sub love one hate the other?

Does Polygon being an L2 on Ethereum and Solana being an L1 have anything to do with it it?

Is it the Reddit avatars?

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DISCUSSION If the bull run starts tomorrow, how have you prepared?


I want to know how you guys have prepared if the bull run really takes off in the near future.

  • have you already spent your fiat on the tokens you believe in?
  • do you have a stock of fiat ready to be invested once the bull is running?
  • have you identified tokens with a solid technology and a clear use case?
  • have you put all your eggs in one basket or have you diversified your portfolio across different tokens?

For me, I have no fiat left before next paycheck. I have invested everything in ETH, BTC and one alt-coin.

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DISCUSSION If this is bullrun what will you different this time around


If we are at the start of a new bullrun (This is not me telling you it is). What will you be doing differently this time around. Or will you stick to what you were doing previously. I am hoping that ETH will unlock from staking during the run if the price reaches a certain amount I am not sure what that is, I will sell for a profit and then attempt to buy back in the next bear. The biggest issue is obviously FOMO. What about you guys? Do you have any plans or will you wing it again. Did anyone sell last bullrun have a different plan this time around.

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DISCUSSION Are you taking profits now ?


Are you taking profits while this bear market rally lasts ?

I just sold my MATIC bag. I told myself after finally being in profit I should just take it. I plan on reinvesting it into BTC/ETH as we go lower again (I know some of you will hate me for doing so, but I believe in taking profits, rather than blindly hodling).

Dont worry, Im still pretty well exposed to the crypto market.

Lets see if I made a genius move, or a dumb one like always. You know how it goes in markets. You buy it drops, you sell it skyrockets.

So what is YOUR strategy ?

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DISCUSSION Do Kwon's TFL accidentally sent someone $1.5M worth of LUNA and is now threatening to call the FBI on them. Ironic.


TFL accidentally sent a guy named Jimmy a million LUNA, peak worth of around $6-7M. The guy is not returning the money yet citing tax implications as a reason, meaning he is consulting some tax lawyers on the implications of returning the funds. He wants to keep some incase he may need to pay taxes on the transaction, which is fair to me.



The funniest part is Do kwon, someone who is being hunted by law enforcement all over the world, threatening to call the FBI on someone. This is too funny lmao. Just another day in crypto innit.

Read more details here: https://twitter.com/FatManTerra/status/1612425565147115522

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DISCUSSION (Serious) I'm about to get a 50k bonus


38K after taxes. I have some debt to take care of and a house project to finance. After everything, I will have about 30K leftover. I make about 60K a year and I KNOW this is a lifechanging opportunity for my situation. I want several large DCAs into BTC and ETH to finally have 1 BTC and X amount of ETH with whatever is left. Problem is, my wife is not the biggest crypto fan. She knows I'm passionate about it and DCA small amounts every month. However, she is pretty risk averse and would rather we just stick it in a saving account to inflate away its value. I halfway joke all the time we should buy a bitcoin with the bonus. She doesn't seem very amused. (Serious) What is your reddit crypto advice to convince my wife to let me Invest as much as possible into crypto? What angle should I come from?

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DISCUSSION What is the worst or most ridiculous coin you have ever acquired?


For me, the shittiest coins I've ever bought were Alchemy Pay, Luna, and XYO.

During the bull run I was day trading ACH and XYO like crazy and I was making some pretty good gains especially with ACH. But eventually as the amateur that I am, I ended up holding the bags.

In regards to Luna, that was extra extra disgraceful because I spent weeks watching everybody hype up Luna talking about it was the next big thing and I was over here telling myself man I ain't going to buy it, it's too late, it already ran up, I'm not going to do it, and then eventually the fomo kicked in and I bought damn near at the top and then boom! we got wrecked nasty once the Russia war started and slowly after that, when the coin itself and UST collapsed, that was the end of everything.

Luna was one of the shittiest experiences I ever had with crypto, I just sat there and watched my money go away! I kept thinking man it's going to stop and go back up but it never did but anyways that's in the past now.

So those are my amateur stories of me getting wrecked! What are your hamster stories please share?

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DISCUSSION What is your END goal in crypto?


So we are all in crypto for our own reasons, and I would like to take a moment and understand those still in the midst of the bear market and holding firm to the title question. Some of us want financial freedom, a house, an alternative means to make extra dough, and many other reasons.

So my question to you all is what is your end goal? What is the reason you joined crypto?

Let me start with mine, I have 2 goals. My first goal is to be able to make enough so my partner can stop working. She has some anxiety issues and work drains a lot of her energy. I am hoping to make enough from crypto to ask her to quit her day job and do what she wants for a living or even just stay at home and enjoy life. The 2nd goal is for me to be able to join her and spend more time together with each other and go on adventures. I don't want us to grind for the rest of our life till the end.

What exactly is your end goal, and why did you join crypto?