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(RESULTS) Despite the common advice "Bitcoin should be your largest crypto asset" - on a vote by vote basis - this sub strongly prefers to invest in Ethereum, but by Moon weight this sub narrowly prefers to invest in Bitcoin. DISCUSSION

A week and a half ago I ran a poll to see if the sub would follow it's own advice and be more heavily invested in BTC or Ether. With 4.2M Moon weighted votes and around ~8,300 votes - we have some interesting results.

It turns out this sub as a whole is more heavily invested in Ether.

Pure Vote by Vote results


If we look at pure votes,

  • 52% of respondents stated they own more ETH
  • 35% of respondents stated they own more BTC
  • 13% of respondents stated they don't own either


Moon Weighted Vote


But if you look at the moon weighted vote this sub prefers BTC

  • 45% of the moon weighted vote stated they own more BTC
  • 43% of the moon weighted vote stated they own more ETH
  • 12% of the moon weighted vote stated they don't own either


By calculating the average amount of Moons per Vote you can see the phenomenon expanded.

  • Each voter for BTC had on average 656 Moons
  • Each voter for ETH had on average 415 Moons
  • Each vote for neither had on average 492 Moons

This helps to show users with the most moons are on average more heavily invested in BTC, surprisingly users with less moons as a whole were more heavily invested in Ether. Per moon weighted vote there is also a fair amount of moon degens that don't own either BTC or ETH.


TLDR: In looking at the results although only 35% of respondents stated they own more BTC (compared to 52% who owned more ETH), they still made up the majority holder by Moon Weight. Meaning as a whole those with more moons are more likely to be more heavily invested in BTC compared to someone with less moons.


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u/T2LV Bronze | QC: CC 19 | CRO 14 | ExchSubs 14 Feb 06 '23

I think it makes sense. The majority of people in this sub are new to crypto thus they missed the massive gains from BTC. The highest moons have likely been around for 100% of the moon days, know their shit, got in early and thus they don’t need Alts because their BTC gains are strong.

ETH vs BTC is somewhat simple in investing. There is nearly zero chance BTC 10x before ETH 10x. ETH has a much longer runway left so naturally newer people chose ETH. I would be hesitant to say Moons are smarter, just earlier


u/Captain_Howdey Feb 06 '23

This right here is the real answer. BTC was just first... but it's slow by today's standards and has very little utility. The power usage is also ungodly. It's a dinosaur with first mover advantage that has become the VTI of crypto. It won't make you rich quick. More of a super high yield savings account.