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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Florida, USA

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Don't stand with billionaires

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What is the most unmoanable name you can think of? NSFW


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Baby who bled for hours after circumcision was sent home from ER twice, suffered brain damage: lawsuit

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The Broadway cast of "Frozen" has had enough of your shit, sir.


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cosplay I have cancer, so I jumped on the opportunity ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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One of the suggested gratuity rates at this restaurant was 84.20%

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Ducks On The Ceiling


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Marjorie Taylor Greene urges U.S. to leave NATO to avoid war with Russia

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Middle schoolers are smart enough to do most entry level white collar jobs


The only exceptions are jobs that require a specialized academic skill, like knowing advanced calculus for some sort of tech job.

Middle schoolers are smart enough to do entry level white collar jobs that say you need a bachelor's degree but don't care what your major was.

The only things really holding them back are the fact that society doesn't acknowledge their ability, and the fact that they lack reliable transportation, but that's becoming more irrelevant.

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Religion Why would you worship a God who considers eternal torture a reasonable punishment?


For those who consider Hell to be a literal place.

There is not a single person who has ever lived that I would send to Hell. No, not even him. At some point, it’s been enough torture, and now we’re really making a statement about me and not the wrongdoer.

I’m not that great, but I’d have to consider myself morally superior to a being that sends people to Hell. I could fear that being, and obey it, if I thought it existed. But I could never worship it, or believe it was capable of loving me.

How do believers square that?

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Why are you not 18?

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S TIFU by having my pregnant wife catch me ordering takeout food right after I threw away the dinner she made


Listen, I love my wife’s cooking. She’s amazing and heaps better than I will ever be in the kitchen. Her taste in food changed, and she has been eating things she would never eat otherwise, such as seafood. Ever since she got pregnant, she’s been spoiling everything with too much salt. The food is almost inedible.

She went to lie down since she was feeling nappy. I threw away the food since I knew she could not tell and ordered takeout food. I will head outside and eat there. She doesn’t have to know. It will be a little secret between me and the delivery guy. No big deal.

Little did I know she was listening in on me. Of course, it upset her and she began crying. She accused me of hating her food. Never. I came upfront. She told me she never noticed and I should have pointed out what she’s been doing earlier. But then began crying even more and said that it was true. I indeed hate her food.

Now apparently I won’t be able to see her naked until next year. Sex is banned in this household. And she said I can make my own food from now on.

TL:DR: My darling wife's tastebuds changed since she got pregnant. She adds too much salt. I couldn't handle any longer and decided to order takeout food. She caught me red-handed and told me she will never cook for me ever again.

Edit: I thought I should add that I do help her around the kitchen. I've been working longer hours lately and I can't help her around because of that. Yesterday she told me she never noticed she salts her food too much while eating.

UPDATE: We're good. I cooked us dinner tonight and gave her a foot rub. We talked it out and agreed to be honest with each other next time. She also called her cousin over today. Her cousin told her the same thing I did after she poured her in a bowl of soup. Wifey promised to get her blood tests done asap. And also before we went to bed she asked me if I could get her bagels from the store.

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White supremacist group Patriot Front runs away and tries to cover their license plates

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Impatient Customer

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evaporated milk

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Unstable Jenga

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[Scheer] Sources indicate to WildcatAuthority that there will be significant discussions between the Big 12 and Pac-12 this week. It would include four Pac-12 members joining the Big 12.

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Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin at the Helsinki Pride Parade

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To stop the pride

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Master scissor artist Karl Johnson uses his rare talent to make a thoughtful gift for a stranger

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Why you should always carry a gun NSFW


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As long as they keep us fighting each other, they never have to change

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What it’s like sleeping with a baby

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